Steigen Exalt Laundry System Review

Steigen’s extensive range of automated laundry systems incorporates the latest German technology to effectively resolve all kinds of laundry problems.

The signature Solar series allows you to sun dry indoors anytime. It also helps to kill germs, bacteria and prevents odour. With its sleek design, it matches any decor beautifully.

How to use: Control the laundry system with a click on the remote.

Who is SOLAR meant for?

• Caring parents who want their children’s clothing to be germs and odour-free.

Drying laundry indoors reduce chances of having clothes getting contaminated by:

A) Pollution, dirt and dust from air-con compressor outside the house

B) Wet and dirty mop hung by neighbours staying upstairs

C) Birds resting on bamboo poles

D) Unexpected change of weather (rain)

E) Discolouration from harmful UV rays from the sun

• Working adults who only have time to do their laundry at night.

Exalt Solar helps to sun dry their laundry anytime. It is a more economical and

environmentally friendly way than using a tumble dryer.

• The elderly with health concerns that faced issues with lifting heavy laundry. With Exalt

automated laundry systems, they can raise or lower the rack to their preferred height

with a click of the remote.

• Busy family, where they are many family members, and need to handle lots of clothes.

Solar uses space effectively, with just 1.3m x 0.5m space, you will be able to handle 1 full load of a 8kg washer. If the pole is fully extended to 2.3m, the system can handle 2 full loads of clothes.





The Brand story is shared to us :


How reliable is Steigen?

Automated vs Manual

Contrary to the belief that a manual system is more lasting; an automated system is actually more durable due to 3 main components:

A. Materials: Manual system often uses rope which have high friction resistance andprone to wear and tear, while automated system uses high quality stainless steel cable which is more durable.

B. Center of gravity: The pulling force for manual pulley system is gathered on one end resulting in an uneven distribution of weight. This increases the difficulty in lifting the heavy laundry. The added stress will also cause the rope to snap easily.

C. Safety: Wet laundry is heavy and a slip of hand may result in laundry failing on you,unlike automated system will halt when hitting an obstacle.


Engineered and built to last

Exalt systems are factory tested to withstand at least 100,000 cycle of usage, which is

equivalent to around 20 years of motor usage.

i like the hanger as it has non slip material to prevent clothes from falling off.

This picture below is a zoom in view of the solar energy that the Steigen Exalt Laundry System can be use to dry the clothes in 1-2 hours. wow!!! instead of the usual over night drying. so this is a hassle free and save time

My Review : 

After trying the product, i am impressed by how it can save space for the home and how fast it can dry our clothes. i think if laundry is done in the night and there is no sun light it does helps in drying the clothes. Also, it save space and is not heavy. Also it can be lowered and controlled by a remote so it is very hassle free especially for my mum if she needs to use it for bigger items like bedsheet. i love smart home concept and things that are high technology. love it.


To summarize :
– Speed drying (dries clothes in less than 2 hours)
– Sun dry indoor, anytime
– Lift up to 35kg of clothes
– Fabric care, gentle to the clothes.

A new drying clothes system for my future smart home. Planning for future

Steigen’s Facebook page @SteigenSingapore (CLICK HERE)
Watch Steigen video for more :

kindly take note for online purchase: 
Steigen is currently working on their online order site which will be launched within the next 2 weeks.

Good News! 
You can enjoy $50 discount when they quote “STEIGEN50” through (website link TBA), SMS/Call/Whatsapp to 8818 6588 or email

Requirement for installation?

Steigen has an extensive range of Exalt automated system, 4 models with 8 different sizes. If customer is unsure which model will fit, they can arrange for a free non-obligatory site measurement with us.

Last but not least, i hope to learn more pls contact to find out more.


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