Zula.sg : A new female inspiration site for Singaporeans

Hi everyone,
i would like to share a new website that is very inspiring and also for female singaporeans who can know more about stuff for us. for guys who is interested to know more of what your gf or wife or ladies friends like, feel free to read on too. 

ZULA.sg is a new site created for Gen Y Singaporean females. it focus on female lifestyle and inspiration through content we’d tell our best friends in our PJs. Like how that faux fur coat trend in 38-degree Singapore is not practical and last night’s runway fashion was borderline repulsive. 

i like interesting topics and recommandation on what to do with your girl friends and interesting recommandation.  sometimes it is common to hear my girl friends say singapore is a boring place and nothing much to do over the weekend except shopping . interestingly i found that after reading the topic :

23 Affordable Activities To Do in Singapore With Your Girls That Are Not Shopping/Clubbing

and found that there is many things that i have yet to try or go to. And this would be one of my favourite topic at zula.sg. i like the activities, $1 karaoke at voice booth. i think it is fun to get together with friends to sing or dance.  (Click here to read more ) 
Another topic that catches my attention is this :

10 No-Bake Dessert Recipes For Domestically Challenged Girls.

The interesting and creative recipes is really interesting to me and it is good that i can try and make something without baking. The toffee bars looks so delicious and easy to make. And the peanut butter pie definately looks delicious and something to try out.  Interestingly Zula covers more that just product reviews , but also food recipes, places to go. And the content is full of surprise and things that i can learn from.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.20.36 PM
In my opinion, i hope to see more content on product reviews coming up at zula and also interesting topic or places in singapore that had yet to be explore. Zula has the potential to reach out to more ladies and also letting guys know more of what the ladies like.
Looking for forward to see more interesting topic at Zula.sg

Signing off, lots of love,
Ginevi xoxo


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