Bifesta BRIGHTUP Cleansing Lotion – affordable alternative makeup remover aid

Hi everyone,

I would like to recommend a makeup remover that I tried lately and find it very useful comparing it with the popular Bioderma makeup removing Micelle solution . And you can read my earlier review here. (Click here)  As u know there is a price difference and today I am recommending an alternative from Bifesta BRIGHTUP Cleansing Lotion

It is suitable For normal and dull skin 

Removes makeup, impurities and dead skin 

It can removes water proof mascara, eyeliner , smudge proof lipstick and eyeshadow by just a wipe. 

I usually use it to remove my makeup then after that I will wash my face with a cleanser . I would encourage double cleansing method for good skin. 
This product is available at Watson Singapore. 

Stay tuned for the series alternative products that I would like to recommend on those days that 

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