All about slimming and daily massage

Slimming to me is more than just consuming pills. Daily massage is also pretty important in my daily beauty regime .

Glow Skinny – Extra Firm – Arms and Tummy ( antioxidant shape-up gel)

GLOWskinny is an antioxidant and anti-aging slimming gel with a fresh, fruity raspberry scent. specially formulated with premium quality natural extracts to fight premature skin aging and sagging. it contains clinically proven antioxidants to help reduce unwanted inches and improve the appearance of fine lines , deep wrinkles , laxity and hyper pigmentation by stimulating collagen production , tightening and hydrating my skin.

Glow Body Sculptor , targets arms, tummy, bum and thighs.
The key ingredients is different from the Glow Arms and Tummy. it includes, Globe Daisy Extract, for anti-aging and reduces the effect of cell aging.

Glow products are available at Watsons singapore

Cathydoll Chilli Bomb Sexy Firming cream
Click here to get your Cathydoll products  : (CLICK HERE)
The body firming massage contains intense chilli extract to help eliminate excess oil and dissolve cellilite right away . It comes with innovative slimming beads Nano capsule technology which is rich in effective ingredients to help to eliminate accumulated fat under the skin while reducing edema. thanks to the caffeine, horse chestnut component and ivy extract with L-carnitine, korean chilli extract and collagen and Q10 beads that help nourish my skin right away with a fit and smooth appearance.

Also, i can feel the slight burning effect of the gel. that helps to burn my cellilute. i use it daily to massage into my skin  i like massage because it helps to ease all tiredness away and also help in blood circulation.

Happy new year to you !!!

Signing off, lots of love,
Ginevi xoxo

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