Bioderma Sensibio – I have found The One!

hi everyone,

Yes, i have found the one!

There is so many products at the stores and i am really confused on which one will be good for my skin. i have tried a few products and some i tried have the biting effect on my skin which on sensitive part – eg. the eye area is not so good. As, most of the time my makeup is around my eye area. so i find that i need a product that is comfortable for my skin.

These are the three products i tried and would like to recommand to all of you.
1. Bioderma Sensibio H20 – Makeup removing micelle solution
2. Bioderma Mild Cleansing Gel
3. Bioderma Dermatological water


Bioderma Sensibio H20 – Makeup removing micelle solution- 250ml
Sensibio H2O’s efficacy : cleansing/makeup-removing power

it is a gentle yet powerful makeup remover .

Bioderma Sensibio H20 – Makeup removing micelle solution- 250ml
PRICE: $15.90 for 100ml, $28.90 for 250ml, $41.90 for 500ml

This product effectively remove the makeup on my skin. As you can see in the photo. it can remove even waterproof eye liner.

Bioderma Mild Cleansing Gel
PRICE: $33.90 for 200ml

The Sensibio Gel Moussant gently cleanses while hydrating and soothing sensitive skin. Enriched with skin conditioning ingredients such as coco-glucoside and glyceryl oleate, it also has lipid-restoring and moisturising properties. Suitable for day and night use on both face and eyes. Can be used alone or part of a double cleansing routine after Sensibio H2O.

After trying the product i really like it and i would purchase the retail size product. it is very comfortable for my skin and this range is soothing and effective in cleansing and  removing make up and also moisturize my skin at the same time. my skin texture is healthy and radiant after using it.

Bioderma Dermatological water
PRICE: $19.90 for 150ml

My skin remain healthy and Bioderma products help my skin to be clean . Also on moment when the aircon is too dry the Bioderma Dermatological water helps to sooth my skin and improves my skin complexion. Also, it helps to blend my makeup well and keep my skin moisturised throughout the day.

To find out more about Bioderma products at

Happy new year to you !!!

Signing off, lots of love,
Ginevi xoxo

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