J & J Hair Identity – Hair Coloring the healthy way

hi everyone,

As the Chinese new year 2017 prevails, it is time to make our hair nice and ready to welcome the Chinese new year 2017

For me , i choose a hair style that is suitable for trendy and colorful and a twist to the look.
it will be a highlight of multicolor on the inner layers and medium brown on the outside.

Located right beside katong i12, katong square is near all the famous eatery , like the katong laksa . The salon has a open concept that gives a welcome feeling .

J&J offers a full range of NATULIQUE hair coloring, bleaching and styling products that are from Denmark, a country that is voted as one of the world’s leading countries within renewable energy and sustainable living. They uses organic and natural ingredients products that have no paragons, no essential oil, no ammonia , no artificial colors and is eco friendly and professional quality.


This is my hair before everything is done :

The top view of my hair color that is grown out. so now i going to fix my hair and also.

My hairstylist is shine, he discuss with me on how he is going to do my hair and the colors he will do. for me i am not so daring in terms of going for a whole head multi colors. i prefer a medium brown with a twist of multicolor inside.

the first step start with bleaching the inside side of the hair.


This is the bleach color that my hair is going to fill with multicolor. (blue, sakura pink and purple)

This is how the colors are into the inner layer of my hair. 🙂 

Hair treatment is also done after coloring

i really love how soft my hair is after the hair coloring and it does not feel drying , the multi color (Sakura pink, purple and blue) is unique and natural with the brown tones. A good combination if you are thinking to have a hair color for the new year

Check out their current promotion :

Have a Happy New Year

Signing off, lots of love,
Ginevi xoxo


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