TruLife Collagen Manuka Max 7000mg review

Happy Boxing Day!
This is my goodnight drink : TruLife Collagen Manuka Max 7000mg

Trulife’s premium quality healthcare products have been researched and specially developed with everyday well-being . Great taste and nutritional benefits.

Here are the three benefits of the products :

  • Collagen improves skin structure, making skin smoother and more moisturised.
  • Manuka honey provides a delicious source of energy and serves as a natural sweetener.
  • Cynatine helps restore healthier skin , nails and hair growth.

2016 been a year that is pretty hectic and a year to be remember with so many things that is to be done. Collagen Manuka Max is a drink that i love to drink before i go to bed and i feel that it is really good for my body , skin and also my throat. it seem to smooth my throat and my nails are healthier too.

i love keep my skin healthy and this drink helps in my skin and also it is 100% naturally sweetened with pure manuka honey. A delicious honey produced by honeybees collecting nectar from New Zealand’s native Manuka plant – an abundant flowering bush covered in white or pink flowers during the warmer months, manuka honey helps to give me a nutritious boost every day.

Drinking it before bed helps in anti ageing effect for my skin. my skin feel more bouncy and protect and rejurvenate my skin.

it also improves the appearance of my hair, my nails, hair loss , fine lines and facial redness and enhances nail strength and lustre.

i would recommand this product to you 🙂

My skin

I love the like peach favour and the Manuka honey taste.
xoxo @ginevi

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