Shunji Matsuo’s Makeover Magic 2016

They say beauty knows no limits, but no one believes in this statement more than hair maestro, Shunji Matsuo.

Since 2013, he has been working his magic on seniors, providing glamorous makeovers for these advanced stylistas. The golden girls — all of whom are aged 60 years and above — then take to the runway for the annual Makeover Magic hair show in Singapore and Japan.

This year, the show will be held on 14 November, 2016, at the School of the Arts (Singapore) Drama Theatre. Open to the public, guests can make donations to registered charity New Hope Community Services to gain admission to the event, or simply to support the charity (details below).

Also for the first time, the hairstyling veteran has published a 332- page photo book documenting the looks he has created, simply he has created for senior style mavens, Makeover Magic.

The colour-saturated tome not only captures the transformative powers of hair and makeup, it also shines the spotlight on the vivacity of models like 98-year-old former hairstylist Kimiko Iwamura, who worked in the industry until the age of 80; or the senior members of Pink Spartans, a Singaporean dragon boat team made up of cancer survivors.

“The two words ‘makeover’ and ‘magic’ say it all,” says Eva Ho, 76, a Makeover Magic model. “It is a transformation by Shunji-san from our little grey old selves to experiencing and radiating confidence, happiness and joy for life.”

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the books will be donated to New Hope Community Services, which provides shelter to the homeless and needy, among other counselling and training services for the underprivileged.



From gravity-defying coiffures to dramatic dos, Shunji Matsuo transformed senior women into confident and fashion-forward models without losing the grace and wisdom synonymous with their age.

Says Tachi Onodera, 58, from Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture: “I was truly overwhelmed with happiness when I got to wear a beautiful dress for the show. I hadn’t worn a long dress since my wedding.

My daughter came from Shikoku to see me on the stage. ‘Tears were flowing from my eyes when I saw you’ she said. ‘I want to be the woman my mum is!’ I cried too when I heard her words.”

Calling them “shining over 60”, his work encourages senior women and men alike to embrace ageing and change in the most positive way, showing that colour and beauty does not fade even when one ages.


The show started with singing performance by Tay Kewei

and J for the singing performance.

The start of the show :


Shunji Matsuo transformed senior women into confident,fashion-forward models without losing the grace and wisdom synonymous with theirage.

“I could bring some light to women as they age and through this, infuse them with a desire for enjoying the rest of their lives.” – SHUNJI MATSUO

“During my long experience as a hair artist I met many women whom I call, ‘shining over 60’, women who embrace, in the most positive way, those changes which accompany the ageing process.”


Having worked in the beauty industry for over 40 years, S h u n j i – s a n realised the lack of r e s o u r c e s d e d i c a t e d towards helping senior citizens feel like they are part of modern-day society, much less keep up with mercurial fashion trends. This problem is all the more pronounced with the rapidly ageing population in Japan and Singapore. Hence, he embarked on a mission to inject a little spark of glamour into the lives of various senior citizens by presenting them with a one-time makeover.

“As I grow older, there is a recurring question I ask myself, ‘How can we enjoy our lives at any age?’” says Shunji Matsuo, in a foreword for the book.

it is my pleasure to be watching the show. it is definately an eye opening experience. 🙂 i am happy to be invited for the show and is inspired with hope that i can age beautifully like all these beautiful ladies. 🙂

To donate or purchase the Makeover Magic book, priced at S$40, visit:

Ngee Ann City, Tower B #05-23

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