August 2016 – 5 Essential items in my daily routine

Hello everyone,

There is so many products to choose from and so many varieties to try. i do not stick to the same products and usually trying out new products. So i decided to share monthly what are the products that works for  me and i like it very much.

Since this is my first time sharing on a monthly basis. This month of August, i personally feel these 5 products work very well on me and i love to share with all of you. Basically all of it i have tried for the whole month and there is no breakouts and these are the products that we can easily find them in singapore

First of all. i gonna introduce this Biore Jelly (Makeup remover) 
i usually put on an eyeliner, mascara and the basic foundation on my face on a daily basis. And i always make it a habit to remove all my makeup at the end of the day in my shower.

This product is unlike the cleansing oil. it is a gel-ish texture and i use it when my face is dry and also my hands is dry . i will apply on the entire face and then later massage all over my face and remove with room temperature water and have a good rinse.

i have dry skin type. so my skin are always feeling tight if i use those foaming facial wash. so i feel that this Biore Jelly (Makeup remover) is good for my skin as it does not strip off my skin moisture and my skin does not feel very tight after using.

Overall i love it very much and would buy or use it again.

Next, i will follow up with a cream bath. something new that i try . Rosehip oil shower cream. As i do have dry skin as i 70% of my time is under air con environment. My skin can be very drying. so other that putting on lotions which might make my skin feels sticky . i feel that this formula is moisturising for my skin and doesnt feel dry after using it.

This would be my daily moisturiser. The texture is gel. Neutrogena hydro boost, i can feel that my skin feel smooth after using it. i love gel base moisturiser because it is non oily or sticky and it is easily absorbed into my skin.


When i use this mask that is made in korea , from Guardian, i can hear friends commented that my skin looks very nice and smooth.  This mask cost $1.80 only and it is so amazing because it refresh my skin and make it looks smooth and youthful.

The essence in the mask is clear gel-ish texture. to me i feel that it is like those miracle ampulse used when going to a facial at facial salon. This mask has essence that benefit the skin for a great deal. This is highly recommanded by me and i would definately purchase and use it. if you havent try before, hope affter you tried can share with me if you like it or not.

This is how thin the mask it. it feels like a second skin


Last but not least, as i am using computer daily. i will take supplement for my eyes. Bilberry Lutein DX is very good for my eyes. i used to feel that my vision can be blurry or dry eyes but after consuming this eye supplement it does improves alot. you can also purchase their improved version here ( CLICK HERE)  You can receive 100 rewards points when u sign up here  ( CLICK HERE ) , referral id : LSG6171 (to get your 100 Reward points)

Share with me in the comments down below if there is any products that you would like me to try or send to me , kindly contact me for sponsorship or products that you would like me to try  , my email is

xoxo @ginevi

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