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Hi everyone,

how’s your week so far?

Heading out on weekends is always challenging because running out of ideas where to go happens to me and my friends. i am glad the TheSmartLocal website is a website that i can turn to. i love this post of the website as this link :

A hidden gem in the East

My experience with the website,
Thanks to the sharing on the website at the city plaza and i love how they share this picture . i couldn’t agree more that this place is truely a gem and that no blogshop would want you to know about it.
i always manage to get good buys, good material, nice fashion piece that is at the most affordable price. Usually i will bring a hundred buck cash just to shop for fashion buys and see how much item i can buy with a hundred bucks. i will always start with the $5 rack and see how much i can buy
This is my favourite Arnold chicken that TheSmartLocal shared in their webpage. i dont usually take fried food because i know they are junk food. however for this. it is so good that i couldnt miss it each time i made my way down to city plaza. you should try it too and let me know how you find it.
For more interesting blog post, check out for their frequent updates.
 Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.30.55 PM.png
National day is coming and it will be a holiday that day, perhaps we can head down to city plaza for a happy shopping time and find some new statement pieces for your wardrobe.
Also, read on TheSmartLocal page for more interesting post and more insights of the city plaza.

Also, don’t forget to check out this post on

52 Things to do in Singapore before you die

For more interesting blog post, check out for their frequent updates.

Thank you so much . Love all of you!

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xoxo @ginevi

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