Get exclusive rust-proof Ceramic knives at Guardian

The next time you pop into a Guardian store to pick up a new lipstick or for a refill of your medical prescription, keep your receipts to get stamps you can redeem great gifts with.  Currently available for exchange are rust-free ceramic knives for the kitchen.

 The F Top Ceramic knives are ideal for safely slicing boneless meats, fruits and vegetables without leaving a metallic taste or smell on food. For a limited time only, F Top ceramic knives will be exclusively available at Singapore’s most established health and beauty retail chain.

 The knives come in three different sizes ranging from 3 to 7 inches and in three vibrant colours – orange, pink and yellow, that will add a burst of colour to your kitchen and enhance your cooking experience. The knives are made of zirconia, and its sharp edge retains sharpness, with minimal wear and tear.

This finest top quality ceramic knife was good to use for cutting fruits like apple as it don’t seem to let oxidation take place as fast

Purchase these high-quality knives from $9.50 to $15.50, saving up to 70%, simply by collecting five stamps as part of an ongoing redemption programme that will be available till 31 July 2016.  For every S$10.00 spent at Guardian Health & Beauty, shoppers will get one stamp.  Start collecting stamps and knives!  Shoppers can check for more information on the offer.

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