Lighten Up with Ribena Sparkling Cans

Suntory Beverage & Food Singapore Pte Ltd (SBFS) encourages Singapore to lighten up, and relish in the comfort of Ribena® Sparkling Cans, while thinking of the sparkle in your life.

This refreshing sparkling beverage is a healthier choice that boasts of a wide plethora of benefits, and is one that each special individual deserves.

Amidst our fast-paced and stressful environment, take a step back and lighten up with Ribena® Sparkling Cans. A lightly sparkling variant of the classic blackcurrant drink, this can of fizzy goodness adds a sparkle to your life as it is free from artificial flavour and colour, making it a wholesome treat for young and old alike.

Ribena® Sparkling Can’s bubbly delight is naturally sweetened and flavoured by the freshest and finest New Zealand-grown blackcurrants. One of nature’s true superfoods, New Zealand blackcurrants boasts of high antioxidant levels, and various vitamins. With one of the lowest sugar levels as compared to other carbonated drinks, coupled together with the high Vitamin C content, Ribena® Sparkling Cans is a healthier choice, and the perfect beverage to be shared with family and friends, and the sparkle of your life.

Product Information
(Studies have been performed to support all claims & features of the product listed below)

Ribena® Sparkling Can, 325ml
Retail Price: $6.20 for a 6-pack, and $1.45 for a single can

A refreshing carbonated variant of the all-time favourite blackcurrant beverage


▪ NEW sparkling blackcurrant beverage by Ribena®

▪ Contains 24mg of Vitamin C

▪ Suitable for all age group, young and old alike

▪ Available at all leading supermarkets and convenience stores island-

And your favourite mediacorp artiste Yahui is also a Ribena Ambassador


Ribena® Sparkling Cans is available at all leading supermarkets, convenience stores, and out-of-home premises island-wide. For more information onRibena®, please visit

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