Moist Diane Extra shine Shampoo and treatment and Smooth Hair Oil Review

In Singapore, the weather is pretty humid and it does affect my hair condition. when i have longer hair, my hair roots tend to be dry and also as a blogger, we do hair review and coloring alot, our hair gets dull after sometime and using the right shampoo is always a challenge.

Some shampoos might cause the scalp to be sensitive and irritated, and some makes the hair looks oily. To find a shampoo with salon quality can be difficult. however, thanks to Moist Diane, the Moist Diane Extra Shine shampoo and treatment y

Moist Diane Extra Shine

Uses salon-inspired haircare technology to restore healthy hair shine: Promote light reflection

The Platinum Hair Fibres found in extra Shine smooth out hair’s damaged and frizzy surface. This dramatically increases hair shine when light is reflected onto it, restoring shiny and healthy-looking hair.

Moisturise Hair Roots

The oils in the formulation deeply cleanse away the excess sebum, impurities and moisturise hair roots, promoting resilient and manageable hair.

You can see that my hair is pretty much in place with the Moist Diane Extra Shine Shampoo.


Moist Diane Treatment works wonder for me. i feel it is more than a conditioner because my hair was so soft and smooth.

My hair texture is pretty dry in my hair ends. i need to smooth my hair so that it wont look frizzy and out of place.

Smooth Hair Oil

This lightweight hair oil is filled with high concentration of Moroccan Argan Oil to deeply moisturise and repair hair to reduce breakage and splitting, and gives brilliant shine without making hair feel sticky or greasy. Work two drops through either damp or dry hair.



Advanced Deep Repair with Moroccan Argan Oil

Moist Diane shampoos are infused with age-old wonder ingredient, Moroccan Argan Oil. Known as ‘liquid gold’, is is packed rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids to protect and hydrate the scalp. Unlike other carrier oils, it is much smoother and drier, so you won’t get a greasy after-feel. Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it helps to protect and hydrate the scalp. Moroccan Argan Oil is absorbed quickly, deep cleanses pores, and provides vital nourishment. It benefits all kinds of hair, but is especially great for colour-treated, dry, frizzy or coarse hair. Here is how Moist Diane shampoos infused with Moroccan Argan Oil can benefit your hair:

  1. Deeply nourishes hair and tames frizzes
  2. Prevents unnatural hair loss and stimulate hair growth
  3. Boosts a healthy hair glow
  4. Strengthens hair and repairs split ends
  5. Improves hair elasticity

Silicone-Free Formulations

Commercial shampoos often contain silicone, a type of synthetic plastic which coats and smooths the hair, giving it a nice shine. However, if not wash off thoroughly, it caused build-up in hair follicles leading to hair fall.


Different from other shampoos, Moist Diane’s silicone-free formulations prevent hair from clogging to help you achieve healthy voluminous hair!

With Moist Diane, what you get when you walk out of the shower are red-carpet locks – fresh, bouncy, healthy, and completely freed from the day’s grime, dirt, sebum, and product build-up.

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Signing off ,

xoxo @ginevi

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