History of Whoo Presents A Royal Beauty Affair (4 Royals Beauties) Zoe Tay, Jean Danker, Jade Seah & Peter Khor

The History of Whoo is finally in Singapore Tangs! i am really happy to know that!

Oriental Asian Chinese Drummers open the event in the outdoors and come inwards in TANGS. The event started with a big bang.



The event host Jean Danker.

Together with TANGS, MasterCard, Hyatt Hotel, Aijek, Piaget, Far East Flora and Kopparberg, The history of whoo is humbled by our partners as they come together to make a successful celebration.

With an ongoing MasterCard promotion for the public, the public can win up to $5,000 worth of prizes including 2 hotel suite stays, door gifts will also be presented at the end of the event.


Gracing the event would be Queen of TV Mediacorp artiste Zoe Tay, Queen of Radio, Jean Danker, Queen of YouTube, Jade Seah and Veteran Celebrity Makeup Artist, Peter Khor.


Celebrity Makeup Artist, Peter Khor share his makeup tips on how he prepare the face of artists, mainly on prepping the skin with the highly raved luxurious skincare lines: Hwan Yu, Gongjinhyang Seol (Whitening), Bichup and Cheongidan respectively.

He also emphasized on how he prepares the skin which makes the makeup long lasting.





To celebrate the successful launch in Singapore, The History of Whoo will be presenting 4 main keylines of products that are extremely well received by the women of Singapore. The presentation will be joined by 4 veteran homegrown celebrities and makeup artist, The Royal Beauties of Whoo, as they share the oriental beauty secrets and true testimonials after using The History of Whoo Products.


Zoe Tay gracing the even with the elegant maxi dress.unnamed-5

My favourite range of their 24k Gold lipstick


The History of Whoo products and also share how an 800 years old imperial court anti-aging treatment, that has been added into all The History of Whoo products, helped them achieve greater skin conditions and youthful appearance via improvement of blood and energy (气) circulation for ultimate yin ; yang balance (阴阳调和).





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