Mane ‘n Tail – it is all about Hair

hi everyone,

yes it is all about hair in this blog post!

Mane ‘n Tail Original, Herbal-Gro, Deep Moisturizing and Gentle Clarifying shampoos and conditioners $15.90

By looking at the bottle itself, with the horse image it does make me wonder is it for me or for horse hahaha, then again , if horse has really nice mane n tail, so can my long hair .
Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself – George Bernard shaw

These are the horses with better hair than me. (click here to read more)


Beautiful hair of the horse


this is really beautiful and soft hair 🙂 enhanced-buzz-9916-1375897763-0

The shampoo formula contains high lathering and ultra-cleansing agents that are fortified with moisturizers and emollients to help leave hair soft and ultra clean. Followed by a conditioner that helps nourish and aid healthy hair growth, leaving hair looking lustrous and silky. These micro-enriched protein formulas help to prevent hair breakage and repair split ends, achieving the goal of longer, stronger, fuller hair…the results are unbelievable! There is still an underground rumor that the Mane ‘n Tail encourages hair growth. Imagine…the rest is history!

Original formula is the formula that started it all. The popular formula contains emollients providing body, shine and manageability for healthy looking hair every time you shampoo.

The texture is shown in the picture. 

This is not as moisturising as the Deep moisturising one but it is pretty good   


Herbal-Gro formula is the complete hair care system that is formulated with natural herbs blended with an olive oil complex to nourish, strengthen, and fortify hair from root to tip.

i love the Herbal-Gro formula because it is also very moisturising and i love that it is easy to rinse off and does not stay onto my hair with any oil residue. Even the conditioner which i use quite alot and it is easy to rinse off and does not stay on like some X brand.

Also, i can see significant results after one use, my hair does not fall as much as it used to be. it does give me confident in using it. 🙂  Other than that hair breakage is also not obvious. i am pretty happy over. 🙂

Deep Moisturizing formula is micro-enriched with deep hydrating botanicals and naturally locks in moisture while fortifying your hair with Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B

How to use: Just use the right amount of shampoo for your hair length, lather, rinse and apply conditioner.

i love the fact that it does not make my scalp itchy using this Mane n Tail Shampoo. My hair is manageable too.


*Tip: if you have short hair, use only small amount of shampoo (about the size of a 10 cents coin). 50 cents coin size for average length and two 20 cents coins size if your hair is past your shoulders.


Suitable for: There are 6 different formulas for different hair types 🙂


Where to Buy: Watsons, Guardian, major Cold Storage, Robinsons, John Little and BHG and NTUC. And E-store Maimee’s Corner.

Good NEWS for my READERS:

FREE sample on here:

‘Like’ Mane ‘N Tail on Facebook *They are giving away a pair of return air tickets to Hong Kong and many more prizes during Jan & Feb.*



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