Tous Floral Touch – A Capricious Floral Touch

hi everyone,

Why do i wear fragrances? 
i guess the main reason for me wearing a fragrance is for hygiene and good impression purpose. i would say that after shower, i would like to preserve the freshness with perfume. In a way i feel that i will look clean and smell good. Personal hygiene is important. Of course some people said fragrances can also show off an individuality. So, what is your reason for wearing a fragrances? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂

Recently i came across this brand Tous Floral Touch from Sasa. i love the beautiful packaging and it draws me to try it. And to my surprised, it smells refreshing, floral and not overwhelming. Something i like AND it is pretty long lasting, even after a few hours the scent still stay pretty well.  This is the limited edition collection and i am pretty happy to bring home and try it.

Tous Touch brings us a new fragrance to indulge in; a collectors’ limited edition with an ultra-feminine design; a subtle prelude to the aroma inside.

Floral fragrances make up perfumery’s largest olfactive group, making originality in the composition a challenge for any perfumist.

There is a wide repertoire of possibilities, from compositions based on just one flower, to legendary symphonies of floral bouquets.

Depending on how the essence is extracted, one flower can offer numerous olfactive facets, making the possibilities within the floral family endless.

Is this packaging attractive to you? check them out at SASA 🙂 

Tous Floral Touch is suitable for all occasion beacuse
For more information :

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