CNY Special : Lensflavours

Hi everyone,
Chinese New year will be here in less than 1 month and it is time to shop for other than clothes, shoes and bags, getting a new pair of contact lens is important too 🙂 Looking good in a whole appearance package.

This is the first time i got my lens from which is an online circle lenses store. One of the largest online circle store in the market

This is the lens i got Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown (Bambi Series) (CLICK HERE) for the link. This is a natural brown that i feel it is suitable for asian eyes like myself. And it is suitable for all occasion and for visiting. Usually i wont want to choose a color like green or blue for visiting because  it will yield unneccessary attention. For me wearing a color contact lens means to enhance my eyes and to look younger.

Color lens are also very common now in singapore where people can wear it daily , not just on special occassion.

This is how the brown circle lens look on the model :

Commonly asked question : 
Does the circle lens from lensflavour feel comfortable and can last for the whole day of say probably 8 hours? 

After testing it out for 8 hours in a day. i feel that initiately on the first day the lens can last for the whole day.  i have dry eyes. So to wear for a full 8 hours i feel that i will need eye drop .i guess it is not so advisable to wear the lens for long hours . However it is really nice and enhance my makeup pretty well.

To receive your lens before chinese new year, it is better to order now . (CLICK HERE) 

One of the things i like ordering from Lensflavour is FREE SHIPPING for all  orders


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