Lucozade sport hits stores in Singapore

With new fitness trends taking Singapore by storm, from HIT to hybrid workouts, Lucozade Sport recognises the need for proper hydration and fuel. The No. 1 sports drink in the UK, Lucozade Sport is also the major official sports drink partner to various sports names, associations, and events in the UK.


And i love sports from Yoga,  running , basketball, tennis and my currently, Pole dance which i practice every week. Currently i am in my pole intermediate and pretty happy with how i have come so far 🙂

Here’s some photo of my pole practice

Please follow my Instagram for more pole in action @ginevipole

i am someone who loves sports and i am also looking forward to more sporty event in 2016 and also sporty fashion wear to review in my blog 🙂

i am very slap that i even did a showcase performance for slap studio opening and showcase in 2015.

 So what does a sporty girl like me drink? Of coz other than water, sport drink is definately a must especially for pole dance, especially when inverts and all, i think it helps better with sport drinks and help to rejurvenate my body. Coz it is not advisable to have a heavy meal before lesson starts especially when it involves in lots of spinning and invert.

These two key ingredients are necessary for exercise – carbohydrates, which provide the required fuel for the muscles, and electrolytes, which maintains fluid balance in the body and restores the sodium lost via sweat. Lucozade Sport, as a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink, supplies the essentials for a better workout.

And earlier on i took Lucozade sport during my hellokitty run for christmas and here is a beautiful picture by jielin and thanks for the professional help in photography.


My review on Lucozade sport : 
i really love lucozade sport because i love the orange favour and it is slighty sweeten which give me the endurance performance especially in my pole practice and also for my runs. it is also endorsed by many sportsmen such as Steven Gerrard, Gareth Bale, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. i think it is a refreshing drink and provide good rehydration so i don’t need to drink alot but feel hydrated. Also, it helps me to last that 1 hour or 1.5hour of pole practice. Even in longer run i don’t feel so thirsty . it helps me feel energetic in my workout. Definately will purchase and drink it and love to recommand to you all.

You can get yours at all NTUC Fairprice and Cheers, retail price at $1.40

if you drink Lucozade sport and love it , you can hashtag  #LucozadeSG and You may also visit Lucozade Sport Facebook for more information.

Signing off.



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