Cafe Hopping : Curious Palette

Hi everyone,

Weekend is coming and wondering where to go for a nice chillax and cafe time?

Recently me and my friend went to Curious Palette, walking distance from doby gaut mrt and we had a good time because of the relaxing ambience.

This is my Cafe latte. i like the beautiful tea 🙂

Good news that this dish the price is reduced by $4. Thanks to all the social media comments that have made this dish less pricey

The waiting time for this dish is about 30minutes. hmm.. that means maybe more chat time with friends . Yes, who is hurrying also since it is a relaxing sunday.

so if you are impatient, pls be prepared to wait.

How does this taste?

i guess it is nice on the first few bites and subsequently it seems like alot and we cannot finish.

The ingredients and fruits use are fresh and i like it. As for the maple syrup we didnt finish it . i think the pancake have a bit of natural sweetness.

Yes they are very instagrammable pancakes. so i guess it is good to try at least once.   On top of that, they have alot of other dishes you can try to order too. i guess it is better to go with a group of 4 . coz the portion is quite bit and 2 of us cannot finish
 Hope i give you an idea where to chill this weekend. Happy weekend ahead 🙂

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