Where to eat today? Toby’s The Dessert Asylum

Hi everyone,

where to eat today? i would like to recommand Toby’s the dessert asylum.

Yes they serve dinner as well. http://www.tobys.com.sg/
They are located at Tradehub21 #01-35, 8 Boon Lay Way Singapore 609964

Once you step in the place, you can see the wall of which many celebrities have been to. 

The ambience is a cafe style and is not that cramp up. i think during lunch it can get a bit busy as there are alot of offices around Trade 21.

it is good to start off with their drink menu.
Coffee Chendol. When i hear the name i am like, oh it is must be very sweet . To my surprise it is not. And i find that it is something really unique and i would like to recommand to you. i wonder how many evilbean will be given to this drink.

On the other hand , i order Rambo-Tan. Basically it is a rambutan drink. The name attracts me alot and i thought it is something nice. After trying i would say it is like the can food drink. i dont really like it .

And Jielin is having this : Chocolate mocha . she drinks it pretty fast and i guess it must be very nice or perhaps a safe drink. she drinks it so fast that i havent get to try it! hahaha

These are the first few dishes we tried.  The Mains
(Clockwise :  $33.90 , Prawns & Mussels Tagliatelle $17.90 , Grilled salmon steak $18.90 and Toby’s deluxe burger $16.50 )
 i would say the Grilled salmon steak was a dish i have no complains about it. i will order it again if i am back to Toby’s. Nicely done and the potato salad is very nice as well.

Toby’s Platter , this is good for instagram . if you want to order something that is instagrammable. this is the dish. The fries is nice and crispy , and dip in the sauce was really good.

However, for the chicken wings, i feel that they should have marinate it even though they have the sauce. coz chicken wings is still nice with a little marination.

The ribs if compare to morganfield’s, i would say morganfield’s one are still the best. So there is still room for improvement for Toby’s ribs. i love the buffalo bits. it is really yummy. i love it.

Prawns & Mussels Tagliatelle , if you have a strong taste preference,     you will not like this dish because it is cooked in a healthy lightly tomato taste. it is not salty or oily. i think the olive oil is missing in this dish as well as the squash tomato sauce can be more generous.

Lots of room for improvement in this dish.

Toby’s deluxe burger, is better than i expected. it does not look as yummy as the   Prawns & Mussels Tagliatelle  but to my surprise it is actually very nice. i would say i would order this again when i am back to Toby’s. i am not a very burger person in fact but this this have impressed me. 🙂 i love it. Thumbs up 🙂

Desserts that we tried  and here’s the verdict :

Mudpie must order!!!

Lord Vader $15.90
i love lord vader coz it is rum & raisin icecream and double chocolate with chocolate chips and topped with Grand Marnier. This is an alcohol desserts. so if you are under-aged, pls seek parental approval. haha.

i love their mudpie to bites. i can just it this for lunch or for tea break.

Seek asylum $15.90
for macadamia nuts lover, this is for you. Macadamia icecream , mocha almond ice cream with cookies and bailey’s irish cream

This is so good. We finished the mudpie successfully even though we are so full with the mains.

Arctic Bombshell , $12.90
ok this is too sweet for me. i guess this is really for sweet tooth and people who loves their desserts! i am not so much of a desserts person so i guess you have to try this yourself and see if you like it or not.

Getting Ready for Christmas and with lots of love from Tobys. Do you love these cute little bear as their mascot for Christmas?

Food: ★ ★ ★
Ambience: ★ ★ ★
Value: ★ ★ ★ ★
Service: ★ ★ ★

For more information : http://www.tobys.com.sg/
an like their facebook page : {click here}

Also, parking is free after 7pm on weekdays. And parking is free on weekends. so it is good to chill out with friends for long hours without worrying on the parking fee.

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