STENDERS, a nature­ inspired cosmetics brand, open its flagship store at Plaza Singapura. STENDERS Singapore is located at Plaza Singapura 03­-75


It is my first time being introduce to Stenders and it is a mind ­blowing sensory experience in a fragrant garden of products designed for pleasure. The store has a wide range of products and i tried it. i can feel that the quality of the product is unless the normal commercial product. Stenders are of good quality.

Let’s take a look at the pictures i got at the event.

The launch was filled with cupcakes and macarrons in the Rose Stenders theme. So beautiful and elegant.



STENDERS, one of the biggest cosmetics producers in Northern Europe, celebrates joie de vivre with attention to everything affecting mood and feelings – from design and product presentation to a garden ambience with flowers hanging from the ceiling, and most importantly, excellent customer care including exquisite gift­wrapping rituals.

Founded in 2001 by Janis Berzins and Zane Dreimane in their hometown of Riga, Latvia, the duo started with a small shop selling handmade soap. Business took off. From soap made with natural ingredients – plant extracts, essential oils, rose buds, and dried herbs and ancient

i love the handmade soap and i find that it is a very good christmas gift for friends.


And people with bath tub can get this to enjoy the luxurious bath at a affordable pricey of $8. who can say no to this right? Good for staycation , a good bath recharge the soul 🙂


And there is also the gold edition. i so love this. Can u imagine having a 24 carat Gold bath? This is Life 🙂


This are the best seller products:
Rose Shower Souffle


and Stenders Rose bath Salt.


Besides products for face and intensive hair care and professional products for spas and beauty salons, the brand was adapted for different countries and cultures.


STENDERS has grown to more than 50 partners and 200 shops in 21 countries worldwide.

Christmas is round the corner, happy shopping at Stenders ,  Plaza Singapura 03­-75.

Merry Christmas.

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