The 5th anniversary of Minus 417 – Immediate Miracles


Minus 417 is the developer of an exclusive and unique line of natural skincare products based on natural active components and minerals from the lowest place in the world, the Dead Sea.

CEO & Founder of Minus 417 - Moty Fridman

The Founder & CEO of Minus 417, Moty Fridman, is very knowledgeable towards his skincare knowledge. He shared his techniques for creating contemporary beauty and even do demostration in the event itself showing Minus 417 immediate results, where i remembered one of the participants shared that her wrinkles are less visible after using it. 

This is one beautiful place and the Gold balloons.

Minus 417 products (1)
This is my favourite  product : -417 Aromatic Body butter 🙂 i have tried a lot of body butter and most of it leave me a sticky feeling or greasy and it makes me uncomfortable especially in the humid weather.

Minus 417

There is also alot of award winning product that is so good that it is like by internationally.

Minus 417 products

It is really a wonderful products with instant miracle results. i have tried the cream and feel that it is very smooth and moisturising. i really love the Aromatic body butter as i feel that it is very suitable for my skin and it helped to smooth my bristle on my hands more effectively than normal hand cream. i think the product is promising and been using it so far, hmm… just feel that because it is a premium products so the price range is alittle pricey, but of course if you want to get premium products, it is worth it. 🙂

Wondering where to get these wonderful miracle products with instants results?

Their product website :

Once again, thanks for the wonderful invite and HAPPY 5th anniversary of Minus 417 !!!!! 

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