Dinner at En Grill and Bar with The Entertainer App Singapore

Hi everyone,

Our public holiday are coming. it is nice to chill out with friends and to meet up and have a good meal together.

Choosing a chill out session at En Grill & Bar would be great as i feel that the standard of the food they serve are pretty good quality and the service staff are really nice and helpful . Together with the entertainer app i guess it is perfect because of the one for one offer which can really help me save alot and yet enjoy the fineness quality of a meal at a nice restaurant. Cool deal right?

You can download the entertainer app here { CLICK HERE }

You can use the entertainer app for dining at En Grill & Bar, and you will get the following offers to redeem at En Grill & Bar :
1) One main menu item for one main menu item
2) Two tapas for two tapas
3) One assorted grilled skewer platter for one assorted grilled skewer platter

En Grill Bar
207 River valley road #01-59/60 Singapore 238275
Opening hours : 
Mon-Thu 6pm-2am
Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday 6pm to 3am
Sun : 6pm to 12am

And i would like to show you what will you get if i use all these 3 offers. 🙂

Tako Carpaccio $12

Sliced octopus and salmon roe with a drizzle of yuzu and truffle oil

Wagyu Mini Burger $16. These mini burgers are really very tasty 🙂 i love the tender meat and it is just nice as a starter 🙂

Handground Motobu wagyu beef patty with red wine sauce. The wine sauce is very nice with the meat and it makes the meat easy to eat. The burger is very tasty and i must say it is a must try! 🙂

Garlic Gambas $16

 Pan-fried shrimp with creamy butter sauce. Who will say no to prawns? These prawns tasty really sweet. if you are a seafood lover, this is a good tapas to start with 🙂

Charcoal Grilled
Sumiyaki Moriawase $25
 Assorted grilled skewers. This is my favourite because it is a good mix of squid, meat and tomato to even out the taste. But remember to squeeze the lemon before starting to eat. That will do the magic to these skewers. i would say this is a must try dish if you are here for the first time. it is a good sharing portion even for two. 🙂 

Wagyu Yasai Stick $24

 Motobu Wagyu with assorted veggies skewer

This is one popular dish that people will order and it is definately  a good sharing portion for two. 🙂  i totally love how the chef made each beef dish as the meat are not over cook.All nicely done and it is very tender and chewy. The size of each slice is well-cut too making it taste so good.

Main Dish
Sunny Side-Up Hamburg $18 
Handground wagyu beef patty topped with sunny side-up egg and red wine sauce.

This is pretty much of a dish that have everything in it. Egg, meat, vegetables and wedges. 🙂

Wagyu Houba Misayaki $28

Charcoal grilled Motobu Wagyu steak with miso on houba leaf

Wagyu Suji and Foie Gras $14.80
 Braised Motobu Wagyu beef tendon with foie gras in miso

Angel Hair Pasta $18.80
  Cold angel hair pasta topped with sea urchin and salmon roe

Yuzu Cheesecake $7.80
 One of the popular desserts. See many people love this and order it. 🙂

Light cheesecake infused with Japanese yuzu

Matcha Tiramisu $7.80
 Green tea loves . This is your “thang” 🙂  The matcha taste is pretty strong and mixed with the redbean it is pretty perfect.

 En’s own green tea tiramisu

The experience at En Grill & Bar is great. The food is of good quality and the wagyu beef was well cooked accordingly to the way it is to be served , suitable for meat lovers. The meat are tender and not too hard. Diners can expect a medley of authethic and traditional Japanese food with a modern twist. En Grill’s diners can also expect a wider selection of luscious gourmet food including Japanese Wagyu Hamburg or Steak. And for diners who don’t consume beef, you can have the Chicken mini burger, tako carpaccio, Sumibiyaki Chicken (charcoal grilled chicken).

For those of us who are already familiar with Entertainer Singapore, you will be happy to know that the app has been updated with two additional features which will improve user experience.

1) You can select offers to ping to your friends. All you need to do is tap on the paper airplane icon when you open up an offer and input the e-mail address of the friend you want to gift a voucher to.

2) You can summon Uber to drive you to the Entertainer merchant you wish to visit, and see the rates with a single tap.

3) The app isn’t valid on PH and eve of PH

4) The entertainer app is FREE to download but to use the offer at En Grill & Bar, the app cost S$60 to enjoy all the 800+ merchants includes spas, activities, attractions and more! It is available for purchase at www.theentertainerasia.com.

Like the Entertainer on Facebook and tag it if you visit any restaurants under the entertainer app:

Facebook – http://facebook.com/TheEntertainerFB
Instagram – @EntertainerAsia
Twitter – #the_entertainer241

All offers expire at 30 december 2015 so please start using the offers and share them with your friends too!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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