KA BLOOM Samplestore App Launch and shopping spree for members

Hello everyone,

Have you heard of the new samplestore app? <CLICK HERE>


Try before you buy! Free Samples! Free Membership!

Sample Store is Singapore’s first and leading Tryvertising platform. In a world increasingly crowded with choices, we bring you a simple and convenient way to experience products before you decide to buy them. With more than a hundred brands and over thousands of sample reviews, you will be able to checkout something that you have been wanting to try. Most importantly, membership is FREE!

Recently I have attended the launch And there is many beauty brands at the event. Many thanks to all the participating brands and I have lots of fun and truly enjoyed myself

Here’s showing some events photos , organic products , very interesting

My favorite from My beauty Diary

 And this is the sample I got from Samplestore launch and this is their new packaging with sing post

And this is so fun , thanks for the creative booth Ma Cherie

And this is the interesting SG50 stamp is very interesting

And I love the skincare product from karmarts.com.sg

This snail DD cream is very interesting and make my skin so fair. It is S$16 for such a big tube . So worth it.

And it is always nice to catchup with my friends

The new Samplestore new mail box

And these is what is in the box. Wow a box of goodies

And I love the My Beauty Diary Black mask
 and the mask fit my face very well

And this is the ultra thin Kotex

And there is 2 measurements

Have you try the Samplestore app yet? Download now 😄 and redeem your free samples < CLICK HERE >

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