One Beauty Spa’s Tribo-Effleurage Review

As we all know massage is good for us.


Effleurage is a unique French name for Guasha (刮痧), an East Asia Traditional Chinese medicine technique, when it gained popularity in the 19th century Europe.

One Beauty Spa is an award winning spa

One Beauty Spa’s Tribo-Effleurage is a uniquely formulated face treatment, combining Guasha, Meridian Acupressure (Acu-Meridian) massage and manual lymphatic drainage massage. 

The facial process is shown in the picture

It is not painful at all. The process of the Tribo-Effleurage is very comfortable.

 Its aim is to improve conditions facial like dark eye circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines. It also has instant lifting effects, facial contouring and helps to even out skin tone.

My skin without makeup after the treatment. Indeed the facial lift my sagging skin and improve my circulation. My skin feel bouncy after the treatment 🙂 I love it and if you haven’t been going for a facial for a long time, it is time to go for one 🙂   
And a nice brew tea after the session for my skin

And you can book your appointment with your love ones here . Call 6338 4979

14 Liang Seah Street Singapore 189035


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