Ceramiracle is an anti-ageing and whitening line of supplements and skin care products developed for the Asian skin.

The brand’s first product to debut is Ceramides Skin Supplement, a premium and advance anti-ageing formula featuring two patented ingredients backed by four clinical studies. At just one capsule a day, Ceramides Skin Supplement can dramatically increase skin hydration, reduce fine lines, brighten and even skin tone in 15 days. A world’s first, Ceramides Skin Supplement also is a made from a formaula specially developed by Tek Eight and it includes patented PhytoflOral tomato extract, phytoceramides and a proprietary botanical complex. It contains no gluten, sugar and dairy.


“We have combined the world’s best nutricosmetics advancements into a capsule that gives women like me a convenient daily weapon to fight skin ageing. We are also proud to be the first in Asia to use Ceramosides®, the patented plant extract as the active ingredient in our products.” said Ms Tricia Lee, Tek Eight’s Brand Director.

“Having youthful skin is a reflection of inner health and Ceramides Skin Supplement contains the right ingredients to help you achieve that. We have volunteers in our trial showing rapid positive results in as little as three days” said Mr Eugene He, Tek Eight’s CEO and Chief Formulator. Mr He is also an award-winning Australian trained clinical naturopath and phytomedicine expert.


My Review on CERAMIRACLE, for my skin : 

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. A Ceramiracle pill a day, keeps my skin nice and fair. I really love that this pill is doing good for my skin so far. i tried alot of method to keep my skin fair as the sun in singapore is really hot and can damage the skin.

Oral supplement is pretty interesting in a way that it is effective within. Also, Ceramiracle has anti-aging properties which the PhytoflOral Tomato Extract aid in helping the skin restores my radiance.

i would definately say that other than using skincare cream, pairing with oral supplement is definately useful for my skincare regime. So far i have tried for 2 weeks and i love it every much as i feel that my skin is easier to manage than before. So i would like to recommand to you too 🙂



Available at , use promo code : CERAMIDES15

CERAMIRACLE Ceramides Skin Supplement will be launched and rolled-out islandwide at Guardian pharmacies this month. It retails at S$89.00/bottle of 30 capsules.

Happy National Day! I love Singapore 🙂

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