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In the modern world of today, as most people in singapore are not only working but at the same time pursue their studies and some even take 2 part time jobs in singapore. it is all about time management. So where to find part-time jobs in singapore?

The ( Singapore jobs portal project was started in May 2014 with a strong social purpose to help youths, tertiary students and young working adults develop their career capital and achieve their career aspirations.


Every job is unique and it gives a special experience and as well knowing new people. So it is always good to be proactive and working.

In the current society, there is lots of interesting jobs and part time jobs singapore online and the younger generation now can have alot of choice of job. Be it an intern, freelancer, or a part-timer, the opportunities are plenty online. you can just click at your fingertips. There is also part time jobs for students by clicking the tab, students at

There are many reasons why taking part time job is better and here i came out with 11 reasons.

10 reasons of the benefits of taking part time jobs in singapore : 

1. You Don’t Need to Work Full Time
Nobody truly needs to work 40+ hours per week. If you could work fewer hours without reducing your income, you’d take that option, right? You don’t need a specific number of hours’ work per week; you need a specific amount of income to live on. And there are ways to hit that target without long hours:
work fewer hours at a higher rate of pay
become your own boss and set your own prices
create semi-passive income streams
2. You’ll Save Money
Working a full-time job means you barely have time to enjoy the money you earn, yet somehow it still gets spent.


3. You’ll Be Healthier

If you reduce the stress of your job by choosing something with shorter work hours and greater flexibility, your body will thank you for it. You’ll notice improvements in your immune system, digestion, circulation, and other key signs of physical health compared to an exhausted full-time worker.

4. You’ll Eat Better
For a part-time job, the “employee diet” has less of an effect because you have more time to buy and prepare healthy, fresh food.

5. You’ll Have More Energy
The better general health and diet of a part-time worker means that you’ll have a lot more energy than if you worked full-time. Instead of arriving home weary from a full day’s work, you’ll have more time to rest your body and mind, so that when the next day arrives you’re ready to meet it head-on and get stuff done.

6. You’ll Learn More
Stick to part-time jobs, you’ll always have time to learn new things that make life even more awesome. Plus your brain will be less frazzled and more receptive to fresh knowledge.

7. You Can Diversify
There’s no rule that says you have to stick to one job at a time. Instead of working full-time at one thing, why not run two or three different part-time jobs in parallel? You’ll be less likely to get bored or stuck in inflexible ways of thinking.

Having the time to develop diverse projects also protects you from losing everything the way you could if your full-time job disappears in budget cuts and corporate re-shuffling.

8. You’ll Worry Less
Thinking about work when you’re not working means one of two things: either you really love your job, or it’s getting you down.

Full time job make you worrying about work during your time off disturbs your sleep more than almost any other work-related factor. You’re much more likely to fret about work all evening if you’ve done nothing but work all day, so skip the full-time job and you can skip the worry, too.

9. You’ll Live Longer
This shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Less stress, better food, more sleep… of course you’ll live longer. Overwork is a killer, and the longer the hours you work, the more it cuts your life expectancy.

10. You’ll Be More Productive
It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Spending less time working actually makes you more productive.

This is the “working on vacation” effect: when you’ve got a short amount of time to spend on work (and something fun to look forward to when it’s done) you’ll focus better, work faster and make fewer mistakes. Win!

Time to look for your part time job in singapore via

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