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If you are a university students and finding internship job, usually you will google internship Singapore or internships in Singapore and taking lots of time to sieve through hundreds of companies that you want to work for and hopefully can learn and benefit from.


It is good that during internship to gain as much experience as possible because it will give a diversify experience in your portfolio.

Here’s 5 reasons why 1 internship is not enough and you might like to try on more jobs before working for your dream job.

1. The more internship experience, the better.
First off, internship experience is priceless. Your professors can’t possibly teach you everything there is to know about your field within the classroom. Your education provides you with the foundation to be successful and internships are the stepping stone into the career world. If you can complete two or three internships prior to graduation, you will feel confident during your job search and be more likely to land a job you want.
2. Internships can help you discover your passion.
After completing an internship, you will be able to decide if you’re entering the right field. Typically, when a student does an internship, they either fall in love with their major or realize that it’s not the right path. By having multiple internships, college students can explore different niches of their industry and discover their passion within their field.
3. You must be prepared for the competition.
Since the majority of colleges and universities require their students to complete internships, it’s now the norm for employers to look for internships on resumes. By having more than one internship on your resume, you can set yourself apart from the growing pool of entry-level job candidates and position yourself at the top of an employer’s stack of resumes.

4. You need to diversify your skills.
Internships help college students receive a well-rounded education. Once you graduate from college and have completed an internship, not only will you have gained valuable skills from the classroom, but also you will be able to apply that knowledge in a real-world setting. During an internship, college students can transfer what they learned in the classroom to their internship and strengthen their skills and knowledge. After the internship, they will be able to feel more confident about their major and excel in their studies.

5. Many internships require prior internship experience.
Say that again? If your dream Singapore internship would be to intern for the Superbowl or at one of the largest PR firms in the nation, those recruiters will require you to have prior internship experience. Even if you have to begin small, be sure to start building your resume from your freshman year of college. Many college students discover internship opportunities through family and friends and most of them even create their own internship! Having this experience will give you a better chance at finding an internship you truly want and will make you marketable candidate to recruiters.
Some college students look at as an internship as something that holds them back from graduation. Either they don’t realize  how valuable internship experience is or they put it off until the summer before their senior year. However, there are students who see the value of internships and are doing their best to complete two or three. It’s important for college students to know internships will allow them to learn job-specific skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. But not only that, they will learn how to be professionals and be prepared for their job search.
How many internships do you think is necessary for students to complete in order to find a job after college?
Happy looking for your Internship job in Singapore.
xoxo Gin wong
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