Tiger Beer makes big election promises for Singapore’s 50th year of independence

Hi everyone,

Remember my earlier post on the intriguing discovery of the ‘Unofficial Official History of Singapore’! <CLICK HERE> now I am back to announce the party at 5th Aug 2015 , capitol Theatre.


Singapore’s most iconic brew receives a makeover, invites the public to cast their vote and throws the Unofficial Official Party of SG50!

On our nation’s golden jubilee year and to celebrate the 50th year since Tiger Beer released its first can to the world, Tiger Beer has lined up a slew of events and activities to commemorate this milestone in the nation’s history

To uncage the nation from the usual celebrations, Singapore’s Unofficial Official favourite local beer will present a fresh take on how National Day is celebrated, by throwing its own epic National Day party, replete with surprising and remarkably unusual party elements.

To round off the celebrations, Tiger Beer’s iconic blue and silver packaging will also receive a patriotic SG50 makeover, with the release of limited-edition red and white livery on all its cans, pints and bottles.


Be a part of the largest crowd-sourced party of SG50

Tiger Beer will kick off the voting period for the Unofficial Official party of SG50 on 22 June, with the release of a video that will encourage the public to cast their votes to see their favourite party highlights come to life, as well as offer them the intriguing possibility of contributing new suggestions. Eschewing the typical SG50 festivities in favour of something fresh, unique and original, party-goers can look forward to party elements that are recognisably Singaporean and reminiscent of the annual National Day Parade, yet completely unexpected – true to Tiger Beer’s brand philosophy. Imagine a parade flypast done by aerial drones, trishaw massage chairs, beanbags for relaxation that look like giant ‘chope’ tissue packets, or even a chili-crab fountain! The possibilities are endless.

Those above the age of 18 can cast their votes at two mobile polling stations located at Knightsbridge on 4 July and One Raffles Place on 9 July, as well as online via the microsite at tigerbeer.com.sg. Every vote counts and will directly influence what makes up the party that Tiger Beer will be throwing for Singapore. Tickets to the party cannot be purchased, but only those who participate in the voting process will stand a chance to win tickets to the most coveted party of the year. Some examples of party elements the public can vote on are listed in the appendix. Voting will close on 19 July and those eligible to win tickets will be notified. Party-goers will then see the winning highlights appear at the party.

Two international music acts to headline the party

To top this all off, the party will be headlined by two international music acts that will be performing at the party. Audiences can look forward to the catchy party anthems performed by 4-piece indie-rock band, The Griswolds. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, this will be the up-and-coming quartet’s first time performing in Singapore.

The climax of the party will come with the appearance of a surprise international music act. The identity of the celebrated British alternative band will be revealed shortly.

The party will be held at the newly-refurbished Capitol Theatre, itself a beloved Singapore icon and the grande dame of the city’s cultural heritage, and will be the first event of this scale to be held at the landmark location. Given the Capitol Theatre’s longstanding legacy for entertainment in Singapore, it is the fitting venue of choice.

Tiger Beer dons new red & white colours for National Day


Inspired by the red and white of our national flag, Tiger Beer will once again shed its iconic blue-and-silver look, in favour of Singapore’s national colours on the livery of all cans, pints and bottles, in a limited edition release to commemorate this jubilee.

The power is now in your hands and we urge you to cast your vote through your social media platforms by putting an ‘X’ against your favourite party highlight and posting an image of your ballot with the following hashtags – #TigerBeerMediasChoice and #UnofficialOfficial.

And here is my vote, have you cast your vote yet?  


For more information of the unofficial Official Party of SG50 : http://www.tigerbeer.com.sg

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