Kinohimitsu Starter Trial Pack – Great beauty Travel kit

Hi everyone,

I have been sharing a lot of beauty products that can be used to achieve beautiful flawless skin earlier on. And adding on to my beauty regime that beauty also comes from deep down and within.

How do  I unlock the secret to healthy, glowing skin?
I start with kinohimitsu Starter Trial Pack, which consist of BB Drink, Collagen Beauty, EyeBright, Kinohimitsu JointPro 360

Kinohimitsu BB Drink will help to brighten tired-looking complexion, making way for blushing, luminous and vibrant skin! I love the taste of the BB drink because it is 100% natural and safe with no additives, no sugar added, no preservatives , no artificial coloring or flavoring, no chemicals. It is delicious, instant and ready to consume anytime and anywhere. I like to consume it before bedtime.

I used to have dull, dry and swallow complexion that makes me look tired, worn out or ill. And when people look at me they will ask if I am sick coz I look pale. Kinohimitsu BB Drink enhances  my health and give me the radiance I need. My skin gradually improves after consuming it and I also notice that my nails are healthy as I am a big fan of doing gelish manicure and I mention in earlier post {CLICK HERE} which I did my nails at Glamourous Factory, my nails tend to chip and break easily. I am also always looking forward for nails review and sponsorship

Beauty that Glows from Inside Out with Kinohimitsu Beauty Collagen Drink

Kinohimitsu Beauty Drink is the most effective route to smoother, firmer and younger-looking skin not only on your face, but the rest of your body as well, including your neck, bust and bum.

This functional, instant drink has a high concentration of collagen that will help to plump up your skin for it to become smoother, firmer and younger-looking within just 6 days! I can feel that my skin looks much more radiant after consuming it.  The apple, Lemon and Lychee Condensed Juices are very rich in Malic Acid and Vitamin C, and are effective for skin lightening.  My dull and spot skin show significant results of the pigmentation lighten.

Kinohimitsu Eye Bright is especially suitable for people in today world when we are exposed to electronic devices in long hours and spend long time using our smart devices, eg. smart phones. Also it is especially suitable for people who loves reading, spend long hours driving or wearing contact lenses for long hours.
It is also suitable for all age group and vegetarians. Recommanded to take 1 sachet a day before breakfast.

Kinohimitsu Eye Bright is designed to offer in-depth protective elements to the eyes. Coupled with FloraGlo®, Lutein, DHA, Lycopene and potent anthocyanins (Maqui Berry Extract & Purple Rice extract) for ultimate nourishment to the eyes. it is carefully tailored to meet the needs of your eyes from childhood to golden age. Over time, our eyes are prone to damage from the exposure to free radicals and blue light, which can lead to premature macular degeneration and other eye discomforts such as chronic dryness and red veins.

After my walk I will consume Kinohimitsu Joint Pro 360. It comes in a handy sachet size packed with Glucosamine 1500mg, Chondroitin 1200mg and MSM 900mg . Completely what I needed for my daily joint care. It is especially formulated to benefit sports lovers, sedentary individuals, ladies who wear high heels and people with weak knees.

Compared to other join formulas in the market, kinohimitsu JointPro 360 offers less hassle, and is more hygienic. instead of having to take large, multiple capsules, one can enjoy fast-absorbing drink anytime and anywhere. it works effectively to support healthy joint and cartilage and promote flexibility.

Looking good when I consume health supplement. My skin become smoother, firmer and younger-looking within just 6 days! Drinking 6 bottles consecutively for 6 days

Avaliable at OG Orchard Point, selected departmental stores and pharmacies.
You can also purchase it online here : kinohimitsu

Happy June Holiday and happy travelling with Kinohimitsu Starter Trial Pack!!!

With love,
Gin Wong
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