The launch of Korean Skincare, DCS in Singapore with its moisturing range – Aquaderm at Hyangtogol Korean restaurant

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Hi everyone,

Congratulations to the launch of DCS Korean skincare launch at Hyangtogol Korean restaurant at Amara hotel.

I love Korean food and kudos to this wonderful dinner. The food here is very authentic and very tasty. And if you are looking for a place to eat . I would suggest Hyangtogol Korean restaurant at Amara hotel.


Almost every dish is very tasty from the appetizer



To the main


The beef is juicy and tender. Love the way the chef cook it and well marinated . A definately must have especially when wrapped with Mint leaves.

The pancake is very crispy on the inside and fluffy on the inside. Totally love it. Must try too.

There’s a little surprise for each of us on our seats. I wonder what gonna be.

New Korean skincare brand DCS is set to make waves in Singapore with six products from its hydrating range AQUADERM.

I am really looking forward to use this range of products and as there is so many benefits from the introductions as well as the ingredients in the products.


DCS harnesses the volcanic power of Jeju to unlock the Korean secret to dewy, radiant skin. I guess in the humid weather of Singapore and for my normal to dry skin type especially most of the time I am in the aircon environment, hydration is very important for me.


DCS Aquaderm bringing forth skincare renewal through volcanic seawater 

Jeju, a volcanic island located in South Korea, is renowned for being one of the top 7 new natural wonders in the world. Within this fertile island lies a hidden pocket of nutrient-rich volcanic sea water, highly purified of pathogens and heavy metals by passing through volcanic basalt rock for over 300,000 years.

The volcanic seawater forms the core base of all DCS products. The volcanic seawater is highly valued for its rare mineral content such as selenium, zinc and iron, all of which are crucial to skin health. Selenium is an antioxidant mineral responsible for tissue elasticity and cell damage prevention, while zinc alleviates the damage caused by acne and reduces excessive sebum production. The iron in the seawater improves the skins ability to repair and regenerate, which is key to smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

DCS has been well-received in its home country, the rising beauty capital of Asia. Watery-lightdewy skin, or mul-kwang-pi-bu in Korean, has been a favourite trend amongst Korean celebrities for many years. DCSskin-loving formula transforms dull, dry skin to healthy, glowing skin which Korean women are famous for.

One of Koreas top beauty YouTube vloggers, Lamuqe, personally recommended DCS after testing it out on Koreas popular beauty variety show, After School Beauty Bible. Lamuqe is well-liked and trusted by Korean audiences for her cheery and informative videos on skincare and makeup.

Moisturise with AQUADERM

DCS has recognised the importance of proper hydration, hence choosing AQUADERM to be launched first out of its 5 ranges. Each of DCSranges has its own special ingredient, and for AQUADERM, the agave cactus extract is the key to improved skin hydration.

The agave cactus has the remarkable ability to retain almost 100% of its moisture despite the most extreme desert conditions. Likewise, the extract has excellent water storage ability as a humectant, strengthening the skins moisture barrier and restoring vitality to even the driest of skins.

The refreshing green tea-scented AQUADERM range is assured to take care of your skin needs from day to night, consisting of cleansing water, a foam cleanser, a toner, a moisturising ampoule, a day cream and a night cream.

Super Aqua Cleansing Water 150ml, $30.50


· Removes makeup and skin waste without tightening the skin
· Leaves the skin clean and moist

How to use:

Apply the proper amount of product on a cotton cleansing pad and softly massage the face in the morning and evening. It removes any makeup remains and skin waste from the face.

Super Aqua Foam Cleanser 150ml, $30.50

· Keeps the skin feeling moisturised even after cleansing, with no tightness
· Deeply cleanses the pores with fine foam particles
· Safe for those with sensitive skin

How to use:

Take an appropriate amount of this product and mix with lukewarm water to make enough foam. Massage it softly into the skin and cleanse it afterwards with lukewarm water.

After trying out the super aqua cleanser it is not as drying and in fact it is just nice and does not strip off the moisture from my skin after washing my face.

Super Aqua Toner 150ml, $33.50


· Restores the moisture balance in stressed, sensitive skin
· Non-sticky formula
· Quickly and easily absorbed
· Soothes tired skin
· Has whitening and anti-wrinkling benefits

How to use:

After the cleanser, put an appropriate amount of the product on a cotton pad or hand, and apply thoroughly on the skin.

Super Aqua Ampoule 30ml, $53.00


· The ampoule has the highest concentration of enriching active ingredients, followed by the serum and the essence
· Ampoules are for people who need an instant skin care effect usually age 25 and onwards
· Comes with sodium hyaluronate, which has moisturising content 6000 times its own weight
· Builds up skin resilience and moisture
· Protects the skin from external stimulation by forming a thin and transparent film on the skins surface

How to use:

Apply an appropriate amount of ampoule onto the skin, after the cleanser and the toner.

Super Aqua Day Cream 50ml, $41.00


· Provides rich moisture and nutrition from additional lavender and pansy extracts
· Protects skin from external elements
· Comes with an additional UV blocking function (SPF20/PA+)
· Light texture
· Soothes and brightens stressed skin quickly

How to use:

Apply the cream at night in appropriate amounts after the cleanser, toner and the ampoule.

Super Aqua Night Cream 50ml, $41.00


· After a long, hard day, the skin becomes hypersensitive due to exposure to external stress. On top of the agave extract, three vegetable extracts (lavender, cornflower and pansy) restores the skin to a healthy state
· Keeps the skin moisturised until the next morning
· Its whitening and anti-wrinkling effects brighten up the face for the next day

How to use:

Apply the cream at night in appropriate amounts after the cleanser, toner and the ampoule.

And here’s my handcraft work Super Aqua Ampoule glowing inside, let our skin glow from within.  It is pretty fun to have this handcraft session, thanks very much for all the thoughts


The DCS AQUADERM range will be available exclusively at Watsons .

For more information, please visit

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