What to do this weekend? Explore the new horizon at Omni Theatre. 

The Singapore science center reopening its Omni-Theatre, which has been digitally enhanced with the worlds latest and brightest 8 K digital fulldome system to offer a distinctly immersive experience. The audience will be able to transcend physical boundaries and travel virtually to remote locations on earth and in space to learn more about astronomy, space science and exploration from the comfort of their seats at Omni-Theatre.

The upgraded Omni-Theatre was officially reopen on 30 May 2015 as a dual-technology edutainment destination, fitted with the world’s latest and brightest 8K digital fulldome system to complement the existing IMAX 70mm film projection system on Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen.

Walking to the best seats are 6th/7th row from the front of the dome screen where the show is about to start.

This is the world latest and brightest 8k digital full dome system to complement the existing iMax 70mm film projection system on Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen .  Also don’t forget your munchies 😄   Visitors can enjoy a choice of digital fulldome movies and Live shows with topical, real-time presentations conducted by SCS science educators. The “Live” shows are powered by the 8k digital fulldome system and Digistar 5 visualization software with video playback and real-time computer graphics rendered accurately with high-resolution detail, along with real-time data from the likes of American Museum of Natural History and National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA)

The experience was very nice and pretty much one of the kind because the movement of the planet and it appear right at the face. I am pretty much immerse into the movie as though I am embark on a real-time voyage into space. If you haven’t watch a movie at Omni max theatre for a long time or never watch before, I would say it is a good experience to head down and watch it. Something uniquely Singapore. 🙂

I think kids also love it very much and can hear kids excited sound as the planet moves close or during the live show where it is pretty interactive and also asking questions like ” can you recognize what planet is this? ” And I must say I learn something from it and knowing how to identify which planet is which.

       A sky full of stars, as good as real . I think the kids will love it.  

There is so many “WOW” factor that I guess the best is to go down and experience it yourself. I didn’t take a lot of photos because I am pretty much immerse into the whole experiences. And yes, might have slight giddiness due to motion sickness however I guess can be overcome by shutting the eyes for a while.


it is always nice to catchup after so long for a fun time at the Omni Theatre. Thanks Omni Theatre for hosting us.

ginevi jjoyis

Show time from 12-8pm .

Ticket pricing:
Digital Fulldome Movie or Fulldome Live show : $14/pax, $12/senior citzen
School Group Rates : $8/student . $10/additional teacher
IMAX Movie : $12/pax, $10/senior citzen
School Group Rates : $6/student . $8/additional teacher

FREE admission for two teachers with minimum group size of 20 students.

What to do this weekend?
Why not head down to Omni Theatre to experience the Live show and the full dome movies!~

Omni Theatre

21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore 609433
Tel: (65) 6425 2500
Fax: (65) 6565 9533
Email: feedback@science.edu.sg
Nearest MRT: Jurong East (Walking distance from the station)
And to buy the tickets and more information is found here:

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