Sweden’s No. 1 Cosmetic Brand Depend Introduces 3-Step Nail Care Range to Singapore



Sweden’s no. 1 best-selling cosmetic brand, Depend, introduces Singapore their latest 3-step nail care rangeDepend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser, Depend Myrrh Oil and Depend Cuticle Cream for a finer set of talons.

STEP1 : Depend Nail and cuticle cleanser
After trying out the product, I must say it really help to keep my nails clean by remove dead skin cells around the nails.  The almond oil and allantoin help to condition and improve nail growth and quality. At $6.90 which is priced so reasonably well it is available at watsons. It comes in a handy size. This product to me is more than a cuticle cleanser as I feel that using it my cuticle also looks more healthy and not as dry as before where I tend to have itchy hands and want to tear or pull the side of my dead skin away.

So I would like to recommend to girls with nail biting habit or itchy hands. using this Depend Nail and cuticle cleanser definitely helps improve your cuticle and improve bad habit. it is easy to use, simply  apply to the cuticles and leave on for 4 minutes, then massage with a nail brush and rinse off with warm water. 🙂 and Oh Vola! Beautiful nails .

I would recommend using Depend Nail and cuticle cleanser weekly.

STEP 2 : Depend myrrh oil
Apply some Myrrh Oil to the nail, cuticle and under the nail tip, and massage it in for a few minutes. The Myrrh Oil is a oil-based liquid, I recommend not to use a lot. Apply thinly and massage in circular motion so that the oil will be absorbed easily.

Myrrh Oil provides intensive care for dry nails that chip or crack easily or are soft. Restores your nails and provides them with nutrients. It has a moisturising effect, strengthens the nail plates and helps to bind them together so that the nails become stronger and more flexible and grow faster.

Step 3 : Depend cuticle cream
Then apply Cuticle Cream to the cuticle and massage it in for a few minutes.

The texture of the cream is pretty rich. when it feels on my skin, it slides and glides.  The cream protects cracked, dry or damaged cuticles and hastens regeneration. Cuticle cream is enriched with aloe vera and allantoin, which soften and moisturise the cuticle, providing it with nutrients. The cream absorbed pretty fast into my dry cuticle area and I can see my skin moisturized and not feeling oily.

Nail care is an often ignored aspect in our regular grooming, even though our nails are subject to daily stress. Depend came up with this range to strengthen nails against typical nail issues, such as thinning and breakage.

Mani-pedi fanatics will be pleased to hear that this nail range can also be used after a manicure session to reduce the weakening effect polish has on nails. These products are also free from toxic formaldehyde, camphor and toluene which are damaging to our nails.

Depend’s 3-step nail care range comprising of Depend Nail and Cuticle Cleanser, Depend Myrrh Oil and Depend Cuticle Cream will be exclusively available at Watsons Suntec City, Nex, Bugis Junction and VivoCity, as well as online at www.dependcosmeticsg.com.sg

Stay beautiful Always !

With love,
Gin Wong
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