GRAND Stem Cell Mask + Giveaway

Good News!

Dr. Grand+ Stem Cell Mask give answers to clients who are always concerned about maintaining beauty through years of skin clinical experience and know-hows as well as using carefully chosen formula and advanced technology to provide healthy balanced skin solution.

Vitality of Stem Cell deep into the skin Now, a new skin is born.

Dermatology Mask to bring firming effect upon loose skin Containing 5% Cord Blood derived stem cell!


1. Outstanding Wrinkle Improvement Transform saggy skin and deep fine wrinkles and enhance young and beautiful facial line and skin texture by increasing the skin density

2. Air tight High Adherence Air tight mask that tightly adheres to the face distributes the nutrients evenly onto the skin.

3. Rising Moisture Karagenan and spiny bamboo extract excellent for skin moisturizing brings ample moisture and brighter skin tone.


Absorption x 13 times moisture absorption rate makes the mask sheet so translucent. This shows how rich essence ingredients are inside the sheet

And the mask is very thin

 And fits perfectly on my face

    Adherence High density fabric of 100% Celllulose and ideal cutting number alllows perfect adherence to the face. Hypo-Allergenic Physical irritation is minimized through uniform cross-section.

Recommanded users :

Concerned with wrinkles and want rapid nutrient supply Lacking skin elasticity due to frequent outdoor activity Dry skinned and want healthy moisture to the skin Wanting flawless skin for make up base in the morning Wanting rapid change on weak and sensitive skinDr2

How to use :

1. After washing the face, clean off the skin using toner. 2. Apply face mask on the face starting from the eye region. 3. Remove after 10 ~ 20 minutes. 4. Gently dab remaining essence onto the skin for absorption.

Dr1 Good news to Ginevi readers.  we are giving away 5 GRAND Stem Cell Mask pls leave your comment below and tell us why you want to win GRAND Stem Cell Mask.  Closing date 20 June 2015

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