Ginevi goes to Udon GOEN

Udon Goen is a Japanese joint located here at Food Republic Wisma Atria Level 4 specialising in wide variety of Udon selections.

Udon GOEN serves more than just udon. You can expect ramen, Japanese curry rice, tempura , AND MORE.

it is pretty much of a hidden gem. Because the food quality is as good as the ones in the restaurant and for a Tonkatsu Japanese curry rice at $7.80 is really a steal. Japanese Tonkatsu Curry Rice. What’s special about the curry is that instead of water, tonkotsu (pork bones boiled for 10 hours) stock is used as a curry base; a first in Singapore. You should give this a try too!

Udon Goen is no amateur when it comes to serving Japanese curry rice. The crispy fried tonkatsu lies on bed of rice with delectably rich and thick curry. To achieve a flavorful gravy, executive chef, kumasaka kazunari added tonkatsu stock ( pork bones boiled for at least for 10 hours) instead of using water as soup base. I really love the curry and even request for an additional bowl for me to dip my pork with curry. Hmmm…so yummy


Tonkotsu Special Ramen – $9.80
This is my favorite Suan La Udon which cost $8.80. It is pretty palatable and a it sour and spicy . So in Bangkok we have Tom yum soup , so this is like the Japanese version. Totally finish it, cost it’s too tasty. Recommanding to you.


And this is good for sharing with 3-5 people and it is called Big Size – $16.80. Pretty worth it as there is chicken, egg, potato and pork . 


Tonkotsu Vegetable Ramen – $6.80

If you love lots of vegetables and bean sprouts and cabbage this is the right one just for you.  The soup looks pretty light but it’s very delicious. Good to try for lunch.


Tonkotsu Special Ramen – $9.80  Overall I would love the curry rice more than the curry rice. If u like the ramen soup to be not salty and drinkable as soup , this ramen soup are good. The egg is very tasty as well. The meat if they can boil longer will be better. Overall pretty decent price as compare to restaurant ramen which usually cost $15  at least. 


So these are the 5 signature dishes I tried and definately very value for money. I will definately frequent again.

If you want to order other food, here is the menu

   Curry menu which is my favorite

 Eat all you can at affordable price with udon goen. Leave a comment if u had tried it and also like it , share with me your favorite dish of the day. 

This long weekend, it is time to have a good meal with friends  family .

Udon Goen is open daily from 10am to 10pm . Only cash payment is accepted. Customers can choose to dine in or take away.

Signing off,

Gin wong

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