Drx Trichology Purifying Hair Therapy

It’s the time of the year to do a hair scan and treat my scalp. Usually, i will take special care to my hair , skin and nails. Thanks to Drx for the convenient location of their Tricho center in orchard where i can do my shopping and pamper my scalp at the same time. The DRx Medispa has a resident Trichologist,  Peggy,  to solve my hair woes.

My scalp issue is mainly is dryness and need to change my parting as it is a little sparse in front. This is the after treatment and you can see so much improvement on the right picture.



So now let me share with you how the DRx Purifying Therapy helped me and what are the procedure 🙂

At DRx, a Clear, refreshed and healthy scalp awaits you. This is one of the best hair treatments that i tried which encompass an intensive deep cleansing hair procedures with corrective properties to not only control excessive secretions and relieve irritation as well as inflammation, but also draw impurities to the surface, exfoliate and loosen built-up scales.


Recommended for
DRx Purifying Therapy, a highly favoured routine for long-termed maintenance to ensure potential detrimental factors are eliminated.



















The DRx Tricho Center 
302 Orchard Rd #14-02/03 Tong Building, Singapore 238862
Book your appointment at +65 6223 1555

Operating Hours
Monday to saturday 10am to 8pm
Sunday : 10am to 6pm
Closed on Public Holidays

Like the facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DRxMedispa


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