H2O+ Face Oasis™ Sea Foam Review

In our hectic life now, looking after our skin can be made easy with 3-step facial regime. For me,  i love fuss-free  skincare products that can help my skin looks good and not with alot of make up on my skin.

Today i am going to introduce my favourite skincare products which is also suitable for the guys. Introducting the H2O+ Face Oasis™ Sea Foam Collection. Because it is a foam so it will rapidly mely into the skin to deeply hydrate and aid in the adsorption of key age-preventing ingredients.

Powered by the hydrating benefits of pure water, infused with H2O+ proprietary Hydrating Marine Blend made up of Wakame, Sea Fennel and Sea Lettuce, this oil-free collection replenishes thirsty skin and helps protect it from moisture loss that leads to dehydration.



I have tried using this collection. for a start i am really amazed by the fact that it is in foam, and even toner is in foam! So, when i tried on, it is actually pretty cooling when i pump out the foam. The cleanser felt soft and smooth  on my skin as the mouse becomes a milky lather when massaged into my wetskin, also, it is easily wash away , leaving no residue.

The Face Oasis Sea foam Toner helps my skin maintain a healthy pH and when i pump out, the texture is light and airy and it melts quickly into my skin. Also, there is a cooling sensation that energizee and revitalize my skin. And the good thing is, it is alcohol free. 🙂 As you can see in the photo the toner is also foam.

The Face Oasis Sea Foam Moisturizer is my favourite moisturizer this season especially when it is very hot and sweat can cause the skin to feel sticky. Using a foam moisturizer is advisable as it rapidly melts into the skin to plump fine lines, smooth and renew. The airy mousse texture feels water-light on the skin, providing deep hydration without the heavy feeling of a cream moisturizer. The aerated foam ensures vitamins and other vital nutrients are rapidly absorbed into the skin.

I totally love the collection and my skin looks so nice and smooth now 🙂 it’s now the Hot, dry weather, drink more water and hydrates your skin well 🙂

H2O+ Face Oasis Sea Foam collection is available at Isetan Orchard, Jurong East and Serrangoon Central.


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