Discover the ‘Unofficial Official History of Singapore with Tiger Beer

Curious media friends have been quizzing us on the recent discovery of the crate
containing Tiger Beer relics and artefacts in an abandoned pre-war bunker.


i would like to take this opportunity to officially announce that this aged and weathered crate, has aided in the intriguing discovery of the ‘Unofficial Official History of Singapore’


Inspired by the very first Tiger Beer can produced in 1965 and in conjunction with the nation’s upcoming golden jubilee celebrations, Tiger Beer‘s brand new campaign looks to inspire Singaporeans to stop and take a look at themselves with a fresh perspective on the history of Singapore. Through the two mockumentaries that will be released in the coming weeks, the latest campaign seeks to explore the origins of some of our icons in a light-hearted manner and asks us the question, “What do you think?”. The mockumentaries in particular, will chronicle the ‘real story’ behind some of Singapore’s unique local propositions.
The ‘Unofficial Official History of Singapore’ will kick off  and will look to present the backstory behind two of the nation’s most distinct jewels – the ever-iconic Kallang Wave and our national treasure, Chicken Rice!
Let’s look to think about the origins and backstories behind some of the social pecularities that have given Singapore its distinctive identity and celebrate our nation’s 50th anniversary in true Tigerfashion.
Consumers will also be treated to four specially designed SG50 , 15 can (330ml) packs which can be available at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets. Each pack comes with a limited edition T-shirt which comes in four different collectibles designs. In addition, fans will also receive a limited edition SG50 T-shirt when they purchase a bucket of Tiger pints at S$50 at all participating bars and outlets.
In line with the theme, consumers can also stand to redeem specially designed vintage analogue watches and vintage pens when they collect the corresponding crown liners from our limited-edition SG50 quart bottle (633ml) available at all coffeeshops and hawker centres island-wide.
While stock last so GRAB THEM now!
Credits : all pictures /  images to Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

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