5 Major Jewellery Trends This Season. Happy New Year !!!

There’s nothing quite as statement-making as a piece of eye-catching jewellery. A classic necklace can dial up the glamour and bring a touch of sophistication to the most casual outfit, while a pair of bejewelled drop earrings can draw attention to the face and draw some light to it. Jewellery has evolved over the years to bring different meaning to an outfit, from elegance to empowerment, and modern designs draw inspiration from everywhere, from different time periods to settings.

Looking for some bling inspiration?
Here are five major jewellery trends to take on this season:

  1. Chunky Necklaces


< Credit instyle.com >

Elevate a regular dress with a chunky chain necklace. It makes a great statement without being too over-the-top with the sparkle. Gold jewellery goes great with black, if you’re going for an edgy yet opulent look a la Lily Collins. But if you’re looking for something livelier than gold hardware, opt for a dual-toned enamel one for a pop of colour.

  1. Ring-Bracelet Chains < picture from etsy.com stores >


Ring bracelets have risen in popularity in recent seasons. This piece of jewellery, which consists of a ring and bracelet connected by a delicate chain across the back of the hand, is a nod to the hippie trend of the seventies, where layering is a popular habit for both fashion and accessories. If layered jewellery is a little too elaborate for you, regular bracelets are equally great at adorning your wrists.

  1. Bib Necklaces


Bib necklaces are like sparkly collars that you can attach to any top. With jewels encrusted in gilded hardware, they are elaborate enough to dress up a plain top. Layer one over a buttoned-up shirt and look as impeccably put-together as Olivia Palermo.

  1. Word Rings

il_570xN.701716338_j4z3 il_570xN.513189130_kj4d
Remember those friendship bracelets you wore when you were young? Consider this a grown-up version of them. Scripted jewellery regained popularity when Alber Ebaz accessorised his Fall/Winter 2013 Lanvin outfits with loud, statement-making “happy”, “love”, and “cool” necklaces. If word necklaces are too outrageous for you, go with something more delicate, such as a dainty love ring, instead to channel your inner hippie and proclaim your love.

  1. Neo-Bohemian Jewellery

Drawing inspiration from symbolism and mysticism, neo-Bohemian jewellery is a nod to the past, to heritage, to spiritualism. You see elements of that in gold chokers, delicate rings and chains, and engraved arm cuffs made of antique metals such as rustic brass and sterling silver, as well as semi-precious gemstones.

What are some jewellery trends you are looking to take on this season? Share your thoughts  in the Comments section below!


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