Beautiful Soft lashes with Browtisan

Our eyes are the window to our soul, do your eyes reveal your beauty?

I always believe in a whole package from head to toe. From my face, eye contact is really important.

Here I am at Browtisan, I have heard a lot of raves even before I try it myself. The place looks very classy and elegant.

Stationed in the most upbeat area in Singapore, Browtisan offers top-notch services for eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner, lips embroidery, eyelash extensions and nourishing facial services that would instantly prettify visages. This beauty centre in Orchard also houses professional and knowledgeable staff who is skillfully trained to tweak features according to face shape and tone.


Before the start of the eye lash extensions, I am brief on the 4 types of looks that I can have. And through my preferences and analyze on my eyes, Coco have analyzed that the Glamorous looks suits me.


The beautiful Coco


These are my lashes before the lash extensions. my eye lashes are very fine and lack of volume and fullness.

20150114_190456 20150114_190533 20150114_190551

Coco advice me to have the Glamorous look because it will increase in length and also the corners of the eyes. Making my eyes  sexy yet natural.


My eyes after the lash extensions. Still looking very natural and I love it.


The eyelash glue and eyelash are from Korea. The lash by lash technique creates a long lasting and natural look and the lash will last 3 to 4 weeks. The eyelashes are accurately attach on lash-by-lash, with the aid of amplification goggles that amplifies to 2.5 times. The same pair of amplification goggles are also being used for eyebrow embroidery for accuracy.
After eye lash extension, eye makeup, eye liner and mascara is not needed, which saves time and money on eye makeup products.
Eyelash Extensions Steps:
  1. Cleanse the eyelids area of dirt, makeup.
  2. Put on collagen eye mask to hide lower eye lashes. Easier to work on upper eye lashes.
  3. They put on their clinical amplifying goggles for precision and accuracy. This is why they are ultra-specialised.
  4. Perm eye lash with electric curler.
  5. Then lash by lash they will attach the eye lash to each real eye lash. But they will stick 1mm away from the skin.
  6. Lastly use a fan to dry the glue.

The experience with Coco is very good and I am very happy with this service. I also received a lot of complement from people. And I don’t really need to put on eye makeup to get ready. it is so convenient and I love these Glamorous lashes. It is so nice and soft while most places lashes are quite hard and my eyes feel heavy. And when I wakeup I don’t feel my eyes are heavy. Totally love it . I have also recommended to my friends and people I met.


when eyes is closed it is very natural too. And very comfortable. There is also no need double eye lid sticker. After the lash extension my double eye lid looks thicker.


I would recommend eye lash extension because it wont have the trouble of removing mascara and staining our eyes and the deposit of makeup removal may result in dark eye ring in long run.

Eyelash Extension: From $98 Onwards with natural soft lashes
Good news! My readers who quote ” Gin blog ”  gets to enjoy 10% off the usual price, up till June 2015.

This photo is without makeup just showing how convenient it is to step out of the house with eye lash extensions 🙂 I definitely go back again! And yes, I have also lose weight recently.
Common questions : how long does the lashes last?
Answer : I think for me will be about 5 weeks 🙂 but have to follow the lash care steps
Eyelashes After Care Tips:
  1. Do not scrub or rub your eyes
  2. Please use the given eyelash comb and gently comb the eyelashes in an upward direction or approach Browtisan for touch up if the eyelashes are dropping off. Do not try to pull off the eyelashes on your own.
  3. Do no let your eyelashes come in contact with water within 5 hours after the extension.
  4. Do not swim for the first 3 days.
  5. Do no visit the sauna for the first 5 days.
  6. Do not use any oil-based make up removal. Browtisan suggest using a makeup sponge when removing eye makeup.
  7. When washing your face, please tap with water gently or use a sponge to clean.
  8. Do not use any eyelash cream after extension.
Eye lash extension from $98.
Eyelash extension:
  • Browtisan Lash
  • Celebrity Lash
  • Natural Lash
  • Korea Eyelash Perming


Thanks for the invitation by AT Marketing Consultancy 

402 Orchard Road #03-17 Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876

For appointment call : 6235 2355

Facebook Page:

Operating hours: Mon-Fri: 11am to 8.30pm Sat : 10am to 7pm Sun: 10am to 6pm PH: Closed


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