Skin Lab’s Gently Vita Exfoliator and Lei Lani’s Wear White Body Whitening Cream

Festive season is coming and one of my 2015 resolution is to have beautiful skin. We cannot change our age, but we can definately improve our biological self and make ourself look younger and having good skin is definately one of them.

i always believe that on top of the monthly facial regime, good skin comes from using great products 🙂


Skin & Lab’s Gently Vita Exfoliator 


This is my favourite exfoliator which i use it twice a week.


It is so gentle that  it will exfoliate the dead skin on my face. After using it. it makes my skin very smooth. i like this exfoliating gel because it is not harsh on my skin and it does not make my skin very tight or dry after using it. it is gentle and after i rinse off, i can feel my skin very soft and smooth. 🙂

The picture below show how it is on my skin. You can see that it is very moisturising and the dead skin fall out after massaging. When this is rinsed off, my skin feel silky and smooth 🙂


Lei Lani’s Wear White Body Whitening Cream

Are you concern of uneven skin tone? Or getting darker because of jogging or exercising ? Or even unwanted UV rays from indoor lights source?

Introducing the Premium Efficacy Body care Lei Lani whitening cream


As a beauty blogger, i must say there is really not alot of whitening product in singapore that can have whitening effect on my skin . Most of it are mainly like moisturiser.


My friends always ask me how can i manage snow white skin in hot sunny humid country like singapore. so i always mentioned using a whitening cream is very important.

i am very glad that Lei Lani whitening cream can help with skin darkening , uneven skin tone, moisturizing, rejuvenating. it is easy to use and i don’t have to wash it off. The best thing is i can use it on my body as well as my face. 🙂

After using for 3 weeks. The results is visible.


i love the instant brightening effect. some people will use it at their underarms as they shave and it result in discoloration.


Lei Lani whitening cream is sold out within 24 hours of its launch and it is a must have whitening cream for all seasons!

Interested to try?
Stay tuned for these new products coming into singapore by ABC-Korea
Thank you ABC-Korea for the good opportunity to try these products 🙂

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