Julie’s Hershey’s – Smile in Every bite




A beautiful day starts off with a Christmas Luncheon at Spinelli Coffee Harbour Front , 1 Harbour Front Place, Harbour Front Tower 1



I have been looking forward to this because i haven’t seen all these nice people from Julie’s Malaysia. it is a joyous thing to see them where they will drive for hours to come to singapore. Other than working with them on blogging, we have made great friendships which is priceless and valuable to me. 🙂

This time the Launch of Julie’s Hershey’s was definately a GREAT collaboration! This is because of so many branded biscuits, Hershey’s choose to collaborate with Julie’s.


Look at that! this is really a GREAT gifts to buy for season greetings and the collaboration came just in time. Why? Because just chocolates will be too much and if it is a biscuits it will be GREAT snacks!


i always remember what he said ” what we don’t eat, we dont give others to eat” i guess Julie’s always care for the welfare of their staffs and this is the attitude that is priceless.

There are 6 new definitions of Smiles . Smiles in every bite with Julie’s Hershey





Here, i gonna try it!  looks like pretty good with so many chocolate chips inside


Smile in every bite


Julie’s also brought each of us a custom made christmas gift. The gift is really useful that i bring it with me everyday. it is a portable charger. something i always wanted. Thanks very very much 🙂


Mr Martin is a humble guy and he actually remembers us by our name 🙂  I also thank my mummy for the love that’s why i can share the good story about bringing the BEST in me! Family love is always the GREATEST and i guess in our family… it will always be like this… my mum will tell me, no matter who i am, what i become, no matter how people look at me whether success or not, i am always the BESTEST .


This Christmas, i shared this Julie’s Hershey’s with people around me, in the church and the good thing is , it is very affordable as a gift and most people love it too as it is like a snacks 🙂 and can be a breakfast or tea break.


Julie’s also prepared Christmas buffet for us


20141213_132014_resized 20141213_132003_resized 20141213_131954_resized 20141213_131945_resized 20141213_131935_resized


For those of you who have receive Julie’s Hershey from me, i hope you will also spread this GREAT love. you can purchase it at all major supermarket and hypermarket. it will be launched in phases throughout asia and all ASEAN countries. if you haven’t try it, head on down to the supermarket and get it. i would say it is a must try 🙂

Merry Christmas!!! 🙂 Have a Crunchy good time with Julie’s Hershey, Smile in every bite!!!

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