Christmas Special : Rule of Thumb Sancturary Spa

Christmas is round the corner and finding your partner a gift would definately be a chore as now everywhere is sooooo crowded with shoppers and road jams everywhere. Why not let us take a break . Leave all your worries and weariness at the door and find rejuvenation waiting for you at Rule of Thumb. 2014-12-02-19.10.09 My experience at Rule of Thumb Sancturary Spa : 2014-12-02-19.10.41   When i enter, i am welcomed with a big smile and also the tea to cool me down 2014-12-02-19.11.34 And looking around and i release that they also have a manicure area. 🙂 so if you are looking for a holistic session this would be perfect place to be at. 2014-12-02-19.10.57 I am pretty impressed by the interior design  and it really make me feel that it is very comfortable and relaxing with dim lights, the experience and walk through feels luxurious ambience where i can melt myself into the certified therapists that knead away all my knots that brings me to a realm of total and complete wellness. you can choose to have a shower before starting the massage 🙂 so nice right. i totally love this. 2014-12-02-19.23.48   After shower, this is the massage bed. 2014-12-02-19.23.11 The Professional therapists knead away the knots and the massage was with a good amount of strength yet enhancing blood flow and providing an overall sense of wellbeing. i feel that the massage helps to detox and remove toxins by aiding venous return and also providing higher oxygen levels to my cells and restoring my tissue. 2014-12-02-20.31.29 2014-12-02-20.29.59 i really feel very good after the massage and have a very good sleep that night. My stiff-back are at ease now. Overall experience is wonderful and i feel i am like a piece of donut bread nimble and knead all ready and recharged again . 🙂 Double Thumbs up! It would be a Great Christmas present for you and your love ones. Rule of Thumb Sancturary Spa  : Location : 289 Beach Road #01-01 Singapore 199552 Book your appointment now : +65 6295 5000 For updates on Rule of Thumb Sancturary Spa, like the facebook page at

Also, after the massage it is time for a dinner with friends at Cheeky Chicky (774 North Bridge Road) And i ordered this  .

Cheeky Chicky is a relaxing humble shop where i can chill out with my friends and laugh and joke all i wanted. And i love the nice orange cushion. There is alot of different favours to try as well .

This is the Teriyaki black pepper sauces Okonomoyaki fried chicken ( you can mix and match the sauce, the base and the main you want.


Craving to go back again to try the beer can chicken. 🙂 Bring me there!!! 🙂

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