Christmas Special : The launch of CADBURY GLOW

Latest luxurious chocolate praline offering combines deep consumer gifting insights with breakthrough innovation to celebrate daily glow moments with loved ones.

​​The launch introduces a breakthrough concept of premium gifting for discerning consumers, inspiring them to treasure precious memories with their loved ones and make the moment glow.

And we have George Young as the host for the event


Discover the Glow



In a world where the gifting process has sadly become transactional and viewed more as a means to an end, due to busy schedules and festive distractions.

This year, Lets bring back that ‘forgotten’ joy of seeing loved ones smile from receiving a thoughtful gift. The premier debut of Cadbury Glow will empower gifters to demonstrate love and care in their gifts, reinvigorating the thoughtful gifting process.

Experience the Glow

Glow Moment – the warm glow of happiness’ that comes from seeing dear ones light up with joy when they receive a special gift. Staying true to this philosophy, Cadbury Glow is filled with little details that are symbolic of the care that went into creating it. Each of this luxurious chocolate praline is crafted in Europe and has an indulgent chocolatey filling that would leave a precious feeling.
Another highlight of Cadbury Glow is its unique design and packaging. The chocolate pralines are placed in a beautiful gold and purple treasure chest that glows from the inside out, elevating the gifting experience and making this a truly befitting gift for a loved one.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for your best friend, an anniversary present for your wife, or a thoughtful gift to bring some joy into a colleague’s day, Cadbury Glow is perfect as the ideal expression of love and warmth to create glow moments for the special individuals in your life.

Let’s watch the video. i think you might already saw in the television

Share the Glow

 Consumers can go to to create a personalized gifting experience for their near and dear ones and share the glow they have received with Cadbury Glow. They would be able to add a personal touch for the selected recipient by writing a customized Glow note; or by re-creating shared memories via a Personalized Video solution provided by Idomoo, that curates the experience between gifter and recipient.

The Cadbury Glow chocolate gift sets will be available at major supermarkets and convenience stores across Singapore now! Get yours today!

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