Christmas Special : Pampering session at Sylvia Skin Atelier

hi everyone,
Christmas is round the corner, why not pamper yourself and your girlfriends and book a facial retreat at Sylvia Skin Atelier. Located opposite katong i12 at 131 east coast road, 04-01. the signage is pretty visible. Great place to pamper yourself and have nice food around the area after that.

This place is so beautiful and classy . The ambience is amazing and it feel classy yet comfortable like at home.


The resting area. Beautiful place to chill out away from hectic lifestyle.


Taking a time off to pamper yourself and prepare myself for 2015. i have choose to set an appointment for a 3-in-1 facial ( first trial price available ) and for bust treatment it is $88 for first trial

Here’s the 3-in-1 facial 

My skin is first cleanse throughly. And here’s a photo of my naked face.


Dehydrated skin and laugh lines and a bit sagging around my chin. The 3-in 1 facial is good for people who have sagging skin and need lifting as well as dehydrated skin. A great way to rejurvenate and brighten the skin




This is my skin after wash off. There is redness around my nose area showing that it is dry.



This is a foam exfloliation using a machine.

Brightening – White Glorious
Although the sun is a vital source of energy, overexposure to the harmful effects of sun rays causes freckles, pigmentation, and darkening of skin tones.  Abrasive treatments like laser or chemical peel are aplenty, but they only provide a temporary effect of lightening.  Since we can’t avoid being exposed to the sun, we’ve designed White Glorious – a skin brightening treatment using white focus plant complex combined with highly-stable vitamin C to regulate the skin pigmentation process. Now, you can truly keep freckles and pigmentation at bay for much longer periods.




Doing the second step . Radio Frequency with Lymphatic Drainage
Say goodbye to the effects of gravity, and don’t let your skin head south again. Our new Radio Frequency with Lymphatic Drainage treatment helps your skin to tighten gradually, enabling you to enjoy taut and natural skin within a session. Coupled with our special lifting mask, the positive effects last much longer compared with other conventional treatments.


Hydration – Back to Basics
Moisture – the essence that gives life to great skin.  We consume water to hydrate ourselves internally, but external hydration on our skin is often overlooked and neglected.  Let your skin quench their thirst too with Back to Basics, with its rich concoction of essential oils, balms and Hydra Force mask.  Dewy, soft and supple skin? Checked.


Last step is a mask and when the mask is remove my skin looks so fresh and bright


Ladies! $88 ONLY for bust enhancement and firming treatment at Sylvia Skin Atelier.
No surgery. No downtime.

You can enjoy your bust treatment with your facial at the same time also.

My experience with Sylvia Skin Atelier : 
When i reach the place, i feel very comfortable and was greet and serve with tea. During the facial, i am being explained of what they are going to do to my skin. At the same time, the bust treatment is in process. There is a suction cup to help enhance and stimulate the bust. After the treatment i have the instant feeling that my bust is enhanced even when i am lying down. There is no hard-selling throughout the process. Overall experience was wonderful.  And the following day, i can feel my skin feeling so smooth that i don’t really need to use much makeup. Beautiful skin comes from skin deep and the 3-in-1 facial is great to not only treat the surface of the skin but also skin deep.

The best part of the whole experience is that after the facial i am still able to meet and catch up with my friends without feeling that my skin is reddish, instead my skin looks even better than before facial and it is filled with radiance 🙂


Call 63447333 to make an appointment now!
The results is amazing and visible.

Did you know Sylvia is liked by many local celebrities. For more information {Click here}

Like Sylvia Skin Atelier at {CLICK HERE}



Guys, if you don’t know what to buy for your mum, sister or love ones for christmas, maybe a pampering facial is a good gift idea 🙂 Merry Christmas!

For appointments and enquiries, please call (65) 6344 7333

Signing off here, xoxo, Ginevi

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