Christmas Special : Koplina Japanese supplements for Beauty

Happy December ! It always been difficult in selecting a gift for your love ones, for one reason, it might be something she already has it and you might probably have already get too many staycation , dinners, bags, accessories for her already. Why not try giving something special from Koplina, which is a japanese supplements, a beauty secret for her.

Koplina is well-received by mediacorp artiste as well as socialite. The collagen strips are light, easy to travel with and easy to consume anytime and anywhere.

Koplina products are manufactured in Japan by Magnas Corporation (“Magnas”).  Magnas has been in the dietary supplement business for more than 30 years. Now Magnas has more than 50 kinds of health and beauty supplements being sold all over Japan as well as in countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Here’s my favourite Koplina beauty supplement 🙂 my monthly supplement for my skin 🙂


(1) Collagen Jelly with Hyaluronic Acid– Boosts skin hydration, elasticity and suppleness.
(2) Collagen Jelly with CoQ10– Defies effects of ageing by boosting skin rejuvenation, elasticity and firmness.
(3) Placenta Jelly with Royal Jelly– Whitens and nourishes the skin, boosts skin elasticity and suppleness.
(4) Green Aojiru Matcha with Lactobacillus– A health drink that can helps detox and improve intestinal health, boosts immunity and lower blood pressure amongst many other benefits.








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