Christmas Special : Vines & Roots Toning Body Oil with Rosemary and Sage

Christmas is round the corner, have you done your christmas shopping? 2014 has been a really fast-paced year, seem to me that there is so much things to do and i have to plan my time well.  Thanks to the technology advancement i am able to shop online 24/7

How to keep up with the fast-paced of our life?
1. Exercise regulary
2. Massage for good blood circulation
3. Have ample of rest

Using a great product with good ingredients will help to improve and rejurvenate our skin health and improve our overall well-being.

This Christmas lets us spread the love with Vines & Roots.


Pure, Safe and Effective

Natural and organic beauty products

Vines & Roots is the exclusive distributor of South African organic brands like The Victorian Garden, Africa Organics, and Pure Beginnings. They carry skincare, hair, bodycare and even babies and kids-friendly organic products.

All these products are without synthetic preservatives , not tested on animals and rapidly biodegradable.

Using after my exercise, i will massage my muscle after shower, this is to ease any tension and prevent cramps or pains the next day. i always find this step very critical because it will make a difference with and without massage.

Looking for a good toning oil is pretty tough and i am so glad that i found it at Vines & roots website. This bottle is very worth every cents. it is a big bottle of 200ml and i will not only massage my legs but also my neck area because i have been using the computer alot and neck get stiff.

Vines & Roots Toning Body Oil with Rosemary and Sage has a gentle tint of rosehip scent. Therapeutic properties and a lovely natural fragrance. hmmm… so good.


Massage and drain out the toxin at the collar bones. simple massages can be done at home as well 🙂 2


Ideal for sports people to revitalise after sporting activities as this formula stimulates the circulation and speeds up the lymphatic system.


This excellent synergistic blend of plant extracts comprises quality cold pressed organic Rosehip, high in Vitamin A and essential fatty acids, Carrot Seed Oil to improve skin elasticity and regenerate at cellular level. Combined with Rosemary, Peppermint and Sage to firm, tone and stimulate the skin and to help alleviate stretch marks and improve skin tone. 

This Christmas. it would be a great idea to surprise your love one with Vines & Roots Toning Body Oil with Rosemary and Sage and perhaps take both of you to a nice massage using this oil to refresh and rejurvenate or alternatively you can also help each other to massage.

Where to get Vines & Roots Toning Body Oil with Rosemary and Sage?

You can find them sometimes at pop-up stores around the island, or you can purchase them online.  (CLICK HERE) . Also check out their other products from luxurious shampoos and conditioners, gentle skincares to kids and baby products 🙂

Merry Christmas!!!

Signing off here, xoxo, Ginevi


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