The latest in K-beauty – Guardian Health and Beauty’s unveils two new face mask ranges

The launch of Guardian Health and Beauty’s two new Korean face mask ranges. Riding on the K- beauty wave, Singapore’s leading health and beauty chain introduces the Jeju Face Mask range and the Double Intensive Face Mask range – catering to true-blue skincare aficionados with its potent combination of plant-based ingredients and quality product development.

Mask made in korea! how cool is that? is the price affordable? Read on… 🙂

The Jeju Face Mask range, for instance, comes infused with the active plant ingredients from Jeju Island, the UNESCO heritage site famed for its natural beauty. The island’s fertile volcanic soil and uncontaminated, fresh water create the ideal breeding ground for cultivating the botanical extracts found in Guardian’s Jeju Face Masks. The range offers four variants for different skincare needs – Jeju Lily for brightening, Jeju Tangerine for nourishing, Jeju Tsubaki for soothing and Jeju Seaweed for moisturising skin.


Price at $1.80 each per mask. Get them online here :

For a quick fix and rejurvenation, this is pretty handy and very affordable . And after using the mask, i find that the makeup sits flawless into the skin.

i use mask as a maintenance at home when i feel my skin look dull or tired and my makeup does not sits well. i love sheet mask because it does not take a long time using it, about 15mins for a quick fix and to look good instantly.

Next up, introducing you another must-have facial essential for home skincare regime 🙂

The Double Intensive Face Mask range, is a two-step mask developed and manufactured in Korea. The mask includes an enriched miracle essence ampoule made from fermented botanical extracts that deliver six times more the skincare benefits of ordinary masks.

Price at $2.70 each per mask

The first step of the Double Intensive Face Mask is the miracle essence, which preps skin for better absorption of active ingredients.


The second step, the Japan Cupra Mask, is designed to fit perfectly to every face shape and is crafted from quality material to enable better absorption. This mask is infused with 12 Korean herbal extracts and each of the three mask variants contains a different active complex. These are the Hydra-Moist Complex (HA+ Chia Seed) for the Double Intensive Hydrating Mask, Nutri-Firm Complex (Adenosine +Acerola) for the Double Intensive Firming Mask and the Vita-Glow Complex (Niacinamide + Camu Camu) for the Double Intensive Brightening Mask.

You can see from the photo that the mask is not very thick and fits perfectly on my skin and the size of the mask is not too big for asian face.


This is the mask, u can see my fingers , it is not too thick or too thin, just nice 🙂 i like it.


For a weekly rejurvenation with ampule to help improve tired skin, dull skin or saggy skin. This is a really good buy and priced at only $2.70. Be sure that it might be out of stock in guardian sometimes because it is so good. i feel that after using it my skin feel soft and supple. Even when i touch my skin it does not feel so dried out. i would recommand to my friends as well because it is affordable and a good quick fix for a home skincare 🙂

Thanks Guardian for bringing in such wonderful mask. i totally love it!!!

Do you know that you can shop at Guardian online now. And free delivery above $20. Shop now!

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