Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central

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Hi everyone,
ever need a holiday soooo badly and no one is free to go on a trip with you?
i have overcomed the feeling of being scared of being alone.

YaY Happy to go on my trip! And look I am all READY! Let’s go!

Read on and find out how a lady like me is able to go to Phuket myself and enjoy everything safely!

if you have booked the room at our Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central and looking for the airport transfer, not to worry, Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central provide airport transfer service. 

An airport transfer service available at Holiday Inn Express at THB 900 per one way and it can accommodate up to 3 persons with luggage and take a look at how comfy i am being chaffuer my way to the hotel. Feels like a VIP and the friendly staff from Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central hold a signage with my name ” Gin Wong”. Even my flight is delayed and the staff waited patiently for me.

This is the hotel lobby area. pretty neat 🙂


I am well-hosted with a choice to choose the type of room i want to stay in. either double bed or single bed . The pillow has a firm and soft option as well.

the choice for me . i am being hosted to view the different option they have. if you are travelling with your family maybe you can choose one with two beds :


And i choose the double bed

And there is also a day-dreaming area

There is a beautiful view of the pool as well.

A nice reading area for a peaceful chill out in the room 🙂

beautiful view

dinner time , so much local food… gonna make me fat!

i will eat coconut icecream 1st!

papaya salad


Oysters – who say i cannot finish all 6 ? hahaha

Fried rice , a must try. when travelling it is good to enough eating anything that i craves for. no dieting 🙂


At night, nice bed, very comfy


And my next day started with a hearty breakfast!

Hotel guest are entitled free breakfast 🙂

Breakfast seating area 🙂 very classy and nice


2nd day tour : island tour at ko Racha island and coral island

and before it rains… got to draw this : I LOVE PHUKET

and one more shot before it really rain :

rain clouds . Rain is always a shower of blessings to me 🙂 on a good note, this trip is good for me because i am not sunburn at all , thanks to the shower of blessing 🙂

still nice and fair for my skin

and there are more fishes when there is rain

Taking a shelter because it is raining


3rd day , wake up for breakfast again. if you are coming with family with kids, nutella is best for kids 🙂 and muffins


And there is boiled rice for old folks if you are bringing your parents here to relax. Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central served different variety of breakfast everyday 🙂

There is also juices and english breakfast

At phuket, if you do not like local thai food. you can also had japanese food

There is also Swensen icecream 🙂

Not a fan of durian but will try their new menu 🙂 Durian and Sticky rice. something new and i cannot find in singapore 🙂 something very phuket


Jungceylon Shopping Complex is just few minutes walk from our hotel. It is beautiful at night too




at Jungceylon i bought a birthday gift for myself on the 4th. From Lyn around 🙂

The hotel is good with a nice space to place my bag


5 october was a rainy day. i went to the gym to do my workout, 24hour gym

laundry service if you need

walked pass the pool… so beautiful at night. so romantic 🙂


And it has been raining very heavily on my birthday . 5 october. so i stayed in my room and watch movie from the TV channel. it was pretty good… and dinner time i went out and the lady tour guide called out my name. she recognised me still from the day 1 she saw me. oh well… i really have to admit this… i pulled a long face coz i am alone during my birthday. so she asked me how am i? so i said it’s my birthday. we chatted and joke… and i said i going to buy something to eat. When i had eaten and on my way back, i passed by her store again. so she called me again. Pulled my hand and drag me to the store beside hers. She said” choose anything you like and i will pay for it!” 🙂 i rejected in receiving her gift and wanted to leave. but she insisted i will choose something i like… so i pointed to this cap “I’m a Boss!”

So that’s the story, she made my day! i went back to my room and took this selfie! This gonna be a day to be remembered 🙂 Glad that someone i don’t really know insisted to buy me a gift.

Waking up early… It’s time to go home!

And it was already raining in the morning

And till the very last day… the hotel had arrange the transfer as well to send me safely to the airport! Because of the rain they have also prepared to send me early to the airport.



My final review on Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central :

Phuket is a place where you can go on a holiday alone and enjoy the peace at the beach, shopping as well as having nice local good. Throughout the whole journey with Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central. i am really happy and impressed by their service. i am being hosted very well and was greeted by the staff. The gym is 24hours , so be sure to bring your running gear. everything is within walking distance from the hotel. There is a patong beach nearby as well. The only thing to take note is always check on the raining season or sunny season and see which season is your preference of travelling. i would like to recommand to you if you havent come to phuket before as Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central will take good care of your travel needs 🙂

Thanks for the friendly staff at Holiday Inn Express Phuket Patong Beach Central for hosting me so well during my birthday vacation

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