Christmas Themed Makeup to try with Stila

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It’s the season to shake up your makeup! With holiday season upon us, there’s not only the shopping rush, Christmas and New Year parties, feasting and champagne to look forward to, but also the myriad of beauty looks that wrestle for centre stage.

And parties are where you can go all out with the eyeshadow and wine-red lipstick. So pull out the metallics and dramatics, and try out these 5 party-perfect looks with Stila makeup:

  1. Metallic Smokey Eye

If you’re thinking of making smokey eye your party look this Christmas, take it up a notch a la Kristen Stewart and go for metallic smokey eyes instead, with dark metallic eye shadow and nude pink lipstick.

Get the look: The smokey eye look remains a popular trend. But too often, women go overboard with the eye shadow and liner, and end up looking like raccoons.

For dramatic peepers, blend the shades in your eye shadow palette. Smudge the darkest shade on the inner eye, and the brighter, more sparkly ones on the outer lids. Blend up and outward towards the brows. Lastly, use a dark eyeliner pencil to line the lids, and extend the line into a cat’s eye flick.

  1. Baroque Gold Eye


Tinsel isn’t just for Christmas tree decor. A glamorous gold sparkle on your eyelids can look modern and classic at the same time. Just look at how exquisitely gilded Charlize Theron looks!


Get the look: Gold eyeshadow looks best on clear, luminous skin lightly dusted with highlighter on the forehead, cheekbones, and chin. Finish with a classic red lip and lined eyes. Draw on black liner, before adding a slick line of metallic gold eyeliner along the lower lash line for contrast.

  1. Baby Doll Look

If the elaborate, gilded look is not your thing, then give the sixties’ baby doll look a try. Pale skin, Bambi lashes, doe eyes, and pink lips are sweet and seductive in an understated way, as Cara Delevingne proves.


Get the Look: This is actually a really easy and versatile look. You can choose to be generous with the eye liner and mascara, or keep it more understated with just a light application of make-up. And don’t forget the brows – a key part of this look as it’s pretty groomed and unruly brows will really stand out if they’re not perfect.

  1. Dark Violet Lips

What Tom Ford did for his fall/winter collection in 2012, you can recreate too! Glossy magenta lips, when paired with creamy fair skin, looks uber sultry and luxurious.


Get the Look: Prep and prime your skin before using a brush to apply your foundation. Apply a light wash of eye shadow, then define those peepers with a couple of coats of mascara. Lastly, swipe on a generous layer of lip colour.


  1. Classic Red

You can’t go wrong with a red lip. This classic, timeless makeup trend is perfect if you want to up the drama and allure this Christmas. Paired with a gold sequin dress or accessories (the way Karlie Kloss does it), red lips or nails make for a seductive look this party season.


Get the Look: Dior’s Rouges Or collection combines shimmer and pigment to created gold-flecked red lipstick that radiates on lips and nails. To make your lipstick take centre stage, make sure you give your skin a flawless finish, then dial up the drama with bronze-y smokey eyes.




What are some makeup looks you’re looking forward to trying this festive season? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!



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Signing off here, xoxo, Ginevi

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